Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Rolling Stones : Exile on Main St. (Deluxe Edition).

Mama says yes, Papa says no,
Make up you mind 'cause I gotta go.
I'm gonna raise hell at the Union Hall,
Drive myself right over the wall.

Rip this joint, gonna save your soul,
Round and round and round we go.
Roll this joint, gonna get down low,
Start my starter, gonna stop the show.
Oh, yeah!

Mister President, Mister Immigration Man,
Let me in, sweetie, to your fair land.
I'm Tampa bound and Memphis too,
Short Fat Fanny is on the loose.
Dig that sound on the radio,
Then slip it right across into Buffalo.
Dick and Pat in ole D.C.,
Well they're gonna hold some shit for me.

Ying yang, you're my thing,
Oh, now, baby, won't you hear me sing.
Flip Flop, fit to drop,
Come on baby, won't you let it rock?

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
From San Jose down to Santa Fe,
Kiss me quick, baby, won'tcha make my day.
Down to New Orleans with the Dixie Dean,
'Cross to Dallas, Texas with the Butter Queen.

Rip this joint, gonna rip yours too,
Some brand new steps and some weight to lose.
Gonna roll this joint, gonna get down low,
Round and round and round we'll go.

Wham, Bham, Birmingham, Alabam' don't give a damn.
Little Rock and I'm fit to top.
Ah, let it rock.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Bloody Valentine.

When I look at you

Oh, I don't know what's true

Once in a while

And you make me laugh

And I'll see you tomorrow

And it won't be long

Once in a while

Then you take me down

Then you walk away

When you say 'I do"

Oh, I don't believe you

I can't forget it

When you sleep tomorrow

And it won't be long

Once in a while

Then you make me smile

~ When You Sleep

Time to re-listen to an all time "shoegazer" fav album while awaiting the arrival of the re-mastered version later this year....

Friday, 13 May 2011

Very Hot ~ SDU.

These guys have been around for a while on the shelf, and SDU needs no intro in 1/6th world. As mentioned before, I think, it was a Hot Toys SDU that made me dive into the 1/6th collection in the first place. I think it was a tribute to the Michael Wong's movie called First Option. Anyway it costs a limb on eBay nowadays and I heard the muscular bodies they used are not quite reliable, so I skipped it. I am glad Very Hot issued 3 new versions sans the bodies, of which I used HT ones. And there are no instructions to place what on which and where, so it is mostly guesswork. It can be embarrassing....such as misplacing the microphone (?), straps, and tearing almost all the safety gloves.

DID ~ French Resistance : Pierre.

Quentin Tarantino's 2009 Inglorious Basterds wasn't up to my expectation, after my expectation was set super high up on any expecting Tarantino's movies from his Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, the much under rated Jackie Brown, Kill Bills Vol 1 and 2. Death Race is just ok but it's fun to watch the manner of which it pays tribute to the 70s drive in movies style. Me thinks Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror and later, Machete are slightly much better and truer to the style of earlier Tarantino cult movies listed above. Anyway, having avoided Hot Toys Aldo Raine due to its perpetually "uh?" look and missed out on Hans Landa, here's DID's take on Mr. Pitt's portrayal of Lt. Raine. Reincarnated as a French Resistance with a nice, metal bicycle. Reminds of those huge, heavy as tank "Rolex" bike I used to see uncles ride around with...

DID ~ Standartenführer : Hans.

...a nice companion to "Pierre", the DID version of Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) from Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Barterds.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

They shrugged at each other. Fook composed himself. "O Deep Thought computer," he said, "the task we have designed you to perform is this. We want you to tell us...." he paused, "The Answer."
"The Answer?" said Deep Thought. "The Answer to what?"
"Life!" urged Fook.
"The Universe!" said Lunkwill.
"Everything!" they said in chorus.
Deep Thought paused for a moment's reflection.
"Tricky," he said finally.
"But can you do it?"
Again, a significant pause.
"Yes," said Deep Thought, "I can do it."
"There is an answer?" said Fook with breathless excitement.
"Yes," said Deep Thought. "Life, the Universe, and Everything. There is an answer. But, I'll have to think about it."
Ford glanced impatiently at his watch.
"How long?" he said.
"Seven and a half million years."
Lunkwill and Fook blinked at each other.
"Seven and a half million years!" they cried in chorus.
"Yes." said Deep Thought.
(Seven and a half million years later.... Fook and Lunkwill are long gone, but their ancestors continue what they started)
"We are the ones who will hear," said Phouchg, "the answer to the great question of Life....!"
"The Universe...!" said Loonquawl.
"And Everything...!"
"Shhh," said Loonquawl with a slight gesture. "I think Deep Thought is preparing to speak!"
There was a moment's expectant pause while panels slowly came to life on the front of the console. Lights flashed on and off experimentally and settled down into a businesslike pattern. A soft low hum came from the communication channel.
"Good Morning," said Deep Thought at last.
"Er..good morning, O Deep Thought" said Loonquawl nervously, "do you, that is..."
"An Answer for you?" interrupted Deep Thought majestically. "Yes, I have."
The two men shivered with expectancy. Their waiting had not been in vain.
"There really is one?" breathed Phouchg.
"There really is one," confirmed Deep Thought.
"To Everything? To the great Question of Life, the Universe and everything?"
Both of the men had been trained for this moment, their lives had been a preparation for it, they had been selected at birth as those who would witness the answer, but even so they found themselves gasping and squirming like excited children.
"And you're ready to give it to us?" urged Loonsuawl.
"I am."
"Now," said Deep Thought.
They both licked their dry lips.
"Though I don't think," added Deep Thought. "that you're going to like it."
"Doesn't matter!" said Phouchg. "We must know it! Now!"
"Now?" inquired Deep Thought.
"Yes! Now..."
"All right," said the computer, and settled into silence again. The two men fidgeted. The tension was unbearable.
"You're really not going to like it," observed Deep Thought.
"Tell us!"
"All right," said Deep Thought. "The Answer to the Great Question..."
"Of Life, the Universe and Everything..." said Deep Thought.
"Is..." said Deep Thought, and paused.
"Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm."

~ The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mind-bogglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as the final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.
The argument goes something like this: "I refuse to prove that I exist,'" says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing."
"But," says Man, "The Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED."
"Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.
"Oh, that was easy," says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing."
~ The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"I've come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to technologies:
1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.
2. Anything that's invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.
3. Anything invented after you're thirty-five is against the natural order of things."
~ The Salmon of Doubt : Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hot Toys MMS DX 04 ~ Bruce Lee : Enter The Dragon



公元二千年 中國五千年
六十年前呢度 曾經出過一個人
大家又知唔知道 佢又做過一的事
行過一條路 令到全世界既人都知道
佢拍過電影四五部 透過活動既影像熒光幕上
前所未有既動作速度 拳腳套路哲學角度
截拳道 大懶堂今次係呢度



一個大中華 一個李小龍
各門各路各式各樣 每一種招數
佢都用紙筆去紀錄 紀錄低

成日企響度 得個諗字又唔走去做
做 又諗左條歪路
想做就去做 但就最緊要行條正路
就如截拳道 療陰插眼佢一定唔做

唔要欺騙自己 扮假鬼唔三唔四
李小龍精神不死 中國人唔會忘記
唔要欺騙自己扮 假鬼唔三唔四
李小龍精神不死 中國人唔會忘記

你話我封閉 我話我有分數




1127 ~LMF

My first Bruce Lee 1/6th figure. I am kinda excited as I missed out on the earlier Enterbay ones. Pretty good. Great that Hot Toya improves on the body (less "looks like being carved from wood") and headscuplt (battle damage HS now looks less Caucasian like). Of course, accident happens again for me, this time round I was itchy to get the belt to tie up properly and I could not get it to button at all. Frustrated, used glue, to a rather disasterous result on the overall look. Now, will the upcoming Games Of Death version by Enterbay match this?