Saturday, 31 October 2009

Scariest Movies...Thus Far.

Since its Halloween...a mixture of horror and monster movies that could scare the living daylight out of me thus far include usual suspects like Alien (1979), The Exorcist (1973), Jaws (1975), The Evil Dead (1981), The Thing (1982), A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and of course, Ring (1998) and Ju-on (2003, and its equally scary American remakes trilogy) which kick started the entire J-horror popularity into seventh gear. Something about cackling sounding, break dancing-like movement, I-could-be-anywhere, long messy unkept hairs with a killer stare which frightens me...the much under rated Fragile (2005) and The Messengers (2007) comes into the mind too. Then there are a trio of handheld nausea inducing documentary style horror/monster movies, The Blair Witch Project (1999), REC (2007), Cloverfield (2008), although arguebly, Cloverfield may not be a pure horror and leaning more towards disaster/monster sub category (if there is one), I still find it disturbing. In the 80s, there are a string of B-gradie horror/monster movies which scares me in equal measures, such as The Blob (1988), The Slugs (also 1988) etc. But perhaps the earliest recollection of horror movie which caused me to have countless nightmares is called Death Ship (1980), of which mom and pop took me to the local cinema (Federal in Penang if I am not mistaken) to watch (there was no such thing as parental guidance then...).

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chloe - Another New Haircut.

Chloe and her sweet looking bowl hair cut. She is getting more and more active as days go by, and great audacity in getting back at us if things do not go her way. Esther reminded me not to pamper her and give in to her too much. Well...oh, btw, she arranged the two "tophats" in the background.

Dylan - Little Monster From The Lagoon.

Yarghhh!!!! Dylan happily playing away whilst at shower. He is so kesian he always get hit by Chloe or bullied by Suetch. Just now when I came back, Esther shared that Chloe had just hit his face and causes a blue black mark. Since he is already asleep, I did not get to see the extent of the injury. Also, he insisted on wearing a new slip in Esther bought for him over the weekend but a size too small, thus causing a blister formation on his feet...sigh, sometimes I feel that I just did not spend enough time with him. He has also recovered from a cold couple of days ago, which caused him to have a mild fever and cough. The cough, which Chloe also got lately since spending an evening at Karen and Will's place, cause such "throat itchiness" that at one night, both sort of threw up which nearly caused me a heart attack. Esther managed to console me quite abit by filling me in over what my two precious did over the evening when I was still at work, which ease me abit knowing that they are as boisterous and active as before since recovering from the cold.

At Suet Nee's Birthday Party.

Last Saturday, Suetch's little sister, Suet Nee turns one. In similar celebrative style, we held a small party at Cafe 33 (which has since turned into mom's favourite place to celebrate kids' birthday). Really tired from work (since entering the retailing industry and manning own shop), I nevertheless look forward the event, although admittedly, the foods being served there is one of the major motivator. Chloe and Dylan enjoyed themselves tremendously without saying, particularly when Dad bought them and other kids couple of bottles of those bubble makers. Needless to say, there are bubbles everywhere. Maybe it is because I was too tired, as most of the pics I took have red eye effects on them or too blurry. Makes them look like...well, replicants again.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Evisu No.0 Special In Left Twill.

Just when I thought the No.0 in #2001 or #2000 cut takes the cake of being the (personally) crème de la crème of all Evisu Japan denim issuance, they dropped the #1999 cut in No.0 Special five days ago...needless to say, it is all sold out by now. The #1999 cut is not new, if memory serves me right, I once saw it on one of the denim maniacs collection. The added "Special" stamp on the leather tag refers to it being left twill ala Lee jeans with the cut "somewhere in between #2000 and #2001". And the #2001 curiously made a reappearance in selected, limited most people I reckon the spec might be nothing impressive, but to a general Evisu affiados like moi, it is something really special indeed...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Evisu Lot 2001 No.0 Arrives...Yay!

The Evisu No. 0 arrives from Japan last week courtesy of the ever reliable proxy. The No. 0 was long thought to be an elusive, rare denim fabric from Evisu. The last issuance was late last year around the same time, and prior to that, back in 1999. I missed the opportunity to own one last year, but this time around, I ain't gonna have any of that anymore. Only Lot 2001 and 2000 are issued with No. 0 fabrics. And as of today, although the Lot 2001 cut has been sold out, a quick check on the webstore reveals that Lot 2000 in certain limited sizes are still available, which is a surprise, seeing how quickly it sold out late last year within one week it was issued. I know zilch about the fabric though. It is thought to be at least 17 oz but this is just a guess. The usual high standard of design by Evisu Japan is there, from its delicious thick chainstitching all around the waist and legs, to the feel of the hairy fabric, which is not so different from the No.1 Special. I decided to go for Lot 2001 without doubt as I currently have two Lot 2000. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to really try out Lot 2001, which is considered to be the original, flagship Evisu design i.e. loose, relax and high waist cut. It is also infamous for its rather wide thigh fitting, which makes one look as if albatross wings are attached to the legs. However, there is a new label on the inner waist, instead of just the tag. The selvedge is in green and I specify 道楽 on each of the back pockets. Along with the カモメマーク (kamone) and 大黒 (daikoku, which I think refers to a Japanese deity of wealth), 道楽, which means debauchery, is one of the most popular traditional designs hand painted by Evisu. Comes with a free tote bag as usual, as with any webstore ordered Evisu jeans. An interesting observation is the plastic which hold the jean, which has snap on buttons.

At The Shop Opening...

Nearly one and half month of preparation, which peaked on 9th October 2009 with an official opening of the shop. The supplier invited some industry VIPs, and the neighbouring fellow store managers and owners dropped by for some great food courtesy of Italianies, a famous local food blogger was also invited to give a demo on making cup cakes on a funky new oven, first time interview by the press as well as un-veiling of product on the front stage...nearly die from anxiety and nervousness. Luckily Esther, the two precious, mom and dad as well as sister and her family were on the location to lend their supports.

Mid-Autumn Festival 09.

Celebratin the Mid Autumn Festival with plenty of laughter and fun, courtesy of Chloe, Dylan and Suetch. Although...I missed out the personal favourite mooncake of lotus paste and single yolk from Kum Lun moon could be observed though...but we saw a hugh lantern floating in the sky, possibly released from some temples in KL. Also invited the Cheahs over for an impromptu mooncake gathering.


Esther and I decided to have a steambot lunch for the kids and ourselves, got nice slices of pork from SS2 called...darn, I forgot the name.

Dylan ~ Climbing.

It's Dylan's turn...he would greet me each time when I arrive back from work by running to the grill and starts climbing the door...later as I carry him off, he would point to the lock and says "khey, khey" and starts grabbing my key to try locking the door himself...