Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Evisu No.0 Special In Left Twill.

Just when I thought the No.0 in #2001 or #2000 cut takes the cake of being the (personally) crème de la crème of all Evisu Japan denim issuance, they dropped the #1999 cut in No.0 Special five days ago...needless to say, it is all sold out by now. The #1999 cut is not new, if memory serves me right, I once saw it on one of the denim maniacs collection. The added "Special" stamp on the leather tag refers to it being left twill ala Lee jeans with the cut "somewhere in between #2000 and #2001". And the #2001 curiously made a reappearance in selected, limited most people I reckon the spec might be nothing impressive, but to a general Evisu affiados like moi, it is something really special indeed...

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