Sunday, 11 October 2009

Evisu Lot 2001 No.0 Arrives...Yay!

The Evisu No. 0 arrives from Japan last week courtesy of the ever reliable proxy. The No. 0 was long thought to be an elusive, rare denim fabric from Evisu. The last issuance was late last year around the same time, and prior to that, back in 1999. I missed the opportunity to own one last year, but this time around, I ain't gonna have any of that anymore. Only Lot 2001 and 2000 are issued with No. 0 fabrics. And as of today, although the Lot 2001 cut has been sold out, a quick check on the webstore reveals that Lot 2000 in certain limited sizes are still available, which is a surprise, seeing how quickly it sold out late last year within one week it was issued. I know zilch about the fabric though. It is thought to be at least 17 oz but this is just a guess. The usual high standard of design by Evisu Japan is there, from its delicious thick chainstitching all around the waist and legs, to the feel of the hairy fabric, which is not so different from the No.1 Special. I decided to go for Lot 2001 without doubt as I currently have two Lot 2000. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to really try out Lot 2001, which is considered to be the original, flagship Evisu design i.e. loose, relax and high waist cut. It is also infamous for its rather wide thigh fitting, which makes one look as if albatross wings are attached to the legs. However, there is a new label on the inner waist, instead of just the tag. The selvedge is in green and I specify 道楽 on each of the back pockets. Along with the カモメマーク (kamone) and 大黒 (daikoku, which I think refers to a Japanese deity of wealth), 道楽, which means debauchery, is one of the most popular traditional designs hand painted by Evisu. Comes with a free tote bag as usual, as with any webstore ordered Evisu jeans. An interesting observation is the plastic which hold the jean, which has snap on buttons.

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