Sunday, 26 June 2011

Headplay ~ 1/6th Leslie.

...and here's the late kor kor's HS. I was telling David and the other Sam (another proprietor on the same floor as xl, whom entertained us with his rendition of Leslie's hit songs, live at the shop as well as a little bit of crash course on the late Canto Pop megastar's history, bought three Leslie's HS at the same time. Big time fan apparently) on how I would probably dress him up in his final few years series of concerts whereby he was cross-dressing on stage. Female high boots, mini skirts can probably get. But can anyone point me the direction of a 1/6th female wig? Plus a mike?

Headplay ~ 1/6th Donnie.

Saw an array of headsculpt on display at BTS xl-shop recently, to my surprise, some of it (well from my skewed perspective anyway) really do closely resemble those stars the HS attempt to capture. I never heard of Headplay, the company responsible for it, so I decided to plonk down RM70 each for a Donnie and Leslie after much hilarious conversation on all matters related to current controvesy with Enterbay's Game of Death product quality with David (Sam's down with diarrhoea after downing some see ham...he looks surreal-ly green that day). "Donnie" HS's fine 'cept the neck's abit long-ish and the skin texture kinda jiao jiao abit. Otherwise ok.

Chloe & Dylan ~ RC Cars.

Brought the family for dinner near Puchong new village area for some delicious sang yee soup. A pasar malam was going on, Esther and I took the opportunity to get some Pagoda t-shirts and RM10 a pair shorts. Chloe and Dylan refused to go off, mesmerised by the toys on display at one of the stalls. Esther, in a rare display of giving in to the kids, bought them a pair of RM15 remote control cars. Needless to say, once back home, its a riot.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

T2 with CooModel M134 Minigun + Bag (- the grenade launcher)

Okie, got the bag, time to gear up T-800 with the M134 minigun but darn it, where's that grenade launcher?

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn (June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011).

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Potty Duo.

The cheeky duo with their Gran.


Dylan's birthday is around the corner, so Esther decided to get him a pet hamster from Petsmore at Empire Subang to start a little bit of "responsibility" thing for him. Dylan seems less afraid when it comes to touching or petting a cat or puppy, as oppose to Chloe, who will scream and run, or if I am around, will climb all over me, from anything alive and furry, irregardless whether it is a puppy or mouse. While I do intend to eventually get them a pet dog, Esther cautioned that maybe that would be a tad too much degree of responsibility involve for the dog to be properly taken care of at this point of our life. Anyway, we also got the hamster, a female by the way, a little three tiered cage with accessories (necessary or otherwise) plus the bedding (I call it substrate as I am more used to reptile and aquatic pets) and proper food. Once home, we let it out abit and immediately it went straight underneath the sofa. Dylan caught it with his bare hands but perhaps apply a tad too much pressure, the hamster seemed to let out a sound and tremble nervously! Fortunately no unforeseen incident happen to the hamster and as of today, it seems to be happily playing and eating inside its cage.

Father's Day 2011.

Chloe and Dylan made two little cards for me for Dad's Day this year. Love you both dearly!

Happy Birthday Esther!

Held a little celebration for the queen's birthday.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Millennium Trilogy (Movie).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest aka The Millennium Trilogy (2009), starring Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander and Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Bloomkist is the Swedish language movie adaptation based on the best selling crime novel trilogy by Stieg Larsson (15 August 1954 – 9 November 2004). In Lisbeth, never have I come across a stronger representation of a female (anti) heroine on the silver screen (than perhaps Lt. Ripley?). The American version is set to roll out on cinema this coming December, by David Fincher. Gotta be good then.


When Lars Von Trier debut Antichrist in Cannes back in 2009, the audience were shocked by its openly brutal and graphic sexual contents. An opportunity to watch it arrived few weeks ago. Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Antichrist is beautiful to look at, yet its content and subject matter are really disturbing. On the surface, the story deals with an unnamed couple whose only child died upon falling down from an open window. The woman spirals into deep depression and emotional anguish. She also tries to replace these griefs with sex. It didn't work, so the man decides to help his wife to confront her fears and grief, first through psychotherapy at home and when that's not working, subsequently try exposure therapy at a creepy, lone cabin amongst the woods known as Eden. The man chooses the place as he learnt that she somehow fears that place. And oh, by the way, throughout all this, the man seems to be really emotionally rooted and calm despite the tragic death of his child. The movie then gets more and more creepy with build up of sinister tones and images, such as the deer with a dead fawn half dangling out and later a fox which is in the midst of self dis-em bowling itself uttering "chaos reigns!". Oh man. The surrounding woods are really creepy, steep with foreboding sense of death and decay. Foggy with expose tangling roots, blood sucking bugs, muddy and hailstones pelting down the rusty zinc roofing with a sense of doom and gloom. No boy scouts happy camping in the wood scenario here for sure. Anyway the man later discovers a notebook written by his wife from her earlier stay at the cabin when she was doing a thesis on gynocide. It is hinted at that she could have reached a conclusion with her studies that nature is in essence, evil and men, its enemy (this part sparks the accusation that this film is misogynistic to its core). And the arrogant man is not welcome here, and must be brought down. After all wasn't Eve the one whom led Adam astrayed in the Garden of Eden and subsequent banishment for both of them? The book also contains witch craft imageries and the gradual deterioration in her hand writing hinted at the downward spiral of her mental health (or finally embracing the result of her research?). The man also found photos of the woman and her late son at the cabin which hinted a sinister planning on her part by subtly multilate her son's (mis-matched shoes) feet. Flashback also reveals that she was looking at the son when he fell. The film then gets into the gory mode, as she eventually gets all mental and inflicts the most painful form of torture on her husband (and self multilation upon herself) when he confronts her about the book and their late son's condition that's ever captured in nicely, shot cinematography (as opposed to those run of the mill torture porn movies ala Hostel etc.) in a horror movie. The director seems to want to tell the audience that indeed the woman in the movie (or controversially representing all women in general. Ouch.) is at its core, diabolical. Or insane. Whatever. In the end, the man prevailed despite all the life sapping torturing the woman made him gone through (the wife just suddenly gave up - don't understand why), eventually managed to strangle her and subsequently burnt her body on a funeral pyre. Then, while hobbling his way out of the woods, creepy images of thousands of women with blurred faces are seen walking towards the man. So what is the movie trying to say? All at once - masculinity vs feminism, nature vs man, nature represented as embodiment of chaos. And of course, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.