Thursday, 31 March 2011

Chloe ~ Birthday 2011.

Happy Birthday my dear Chloe! How you have grown. And how Papa keeps having these anxiety episodes of missing and reminiscence of you when you were still a baby in my arm. Time moves fast indeed. I just do not want to miss any of these opportunities to see you grow up is what I said to Esther when she asks me why I always look kinda sad when we talk about Chloe and Dylan boy. Soon they will be entering primary, then secondary, then tertiary, then lives of their own, managing ang juggling their lives. Esther always say I think too fast and too far ahead. Just enjoy the moment. My retort? Let's try to get another kid...hehehe. We celebrated Chloe's birthday twice, once during the Port Dickson trip and one the actual day, at home with just a simple BBQ party. And it happens to be Earth Hour Day. The irony is that whilst majority of the world is observing it and turn off all forms of light and practise "green" way of living for at least an hour, our household is actually blasting and burning away at least 50 pcs of chicken wings, lamb chops, bacons with fiery industrial strenght coals sending columns of smokes into the sky that night.. And there are plenty of discarded paper cups, plates and wrappers all around with bags amd bags of refuse at the end of the day.

At Port Dickson.

Had a nice outing with Esther's side of the family in Porty Dickyson. Nice way to unwind and relax from the usual concrete jungle. The beach is still "black" with soots from the nearby refineries and cargo ships along the Straits but at least the two precious now have had their first taste and feel of a sandy beach. We were there when Esther was pregnant with Chloe but we stayed at a different place then. The only place to eat for dinner is this Mexican outlet called El Cactus. Now, when it comes to eating at this place, you must possess un-precedented high level of patience and tolerance coz the service is extremely slow and the wait is like forever. But the food's great and rewarding. Later the next day on the way home, we dropped by a Chinese seafood restaurant for another nice meal. Great day to wrap up a, though short, enjoyable trip.

Suetch The Disc Jockey.

Hey boys, hey girls

Superstar DJs

Here we go!

Suetch surprised me when, whilst playing with Chloe and Dylan in the room, started showcasting her skills at an impromptu "turntable". Mo wax, y'all!

At The National Science Centre, Bukit Damansara.

Esther and I decided to bring Chloe and Dylan to the National Science Centre in Bukit Damansara for the dinosaur exibition before the school holiday starts next week. Being first time there, we enjoyed ourselves with the various scientific interactive paraphelias on display as well as this impressive aquarium at at the entrance showcasting various Amazonian fishes. However, the two precious are pretty scared to look at the mechanical dinosaurs on display, irregardless of how much Esther and I try to coax and re-assure them that it is not real. So we kinda spent less than five minutes inside the hall and the remaining two hours outside with outdoor playground where the kids actually enjoy themselves more.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Uncle Peng.

Uncle P and my cousin, whom just graduated from a medical school, came by for a night stay before leaving for Penang. The two precious immediately warms up to them and would not allow them to rest till all of them have their fill of fun. Nice to see this as Chloe and Dylan usually would be shy in front of people whom they have not seen or not see for a while.


Curious about this French confection, Esther bought some from Empire as a little treat for all of us. Actually, I had one, so did Esther and Chloe finished the rest. It has gained great profile lately, Macaron, I mean, and honestly for a little hamburger like thing which feels nice to chew but so blady sweet that I was twitching like someone having hypertension for the next two hours. Forget straight black coffee or caffaine laced Pepsi Max. Macaron, the only way to fly, dude, I personally thought it is expensive too. Me thinks of it as a curious item. Try them but only to ease the curiosity. I am sticking to Big Apple if I gonna need some sugar rush.

Chloe & Dylan ~ Pasta Zanmai Empire Subang.

Whenever we are at Empire Subang, we always have lunch at Pasta Zanmai. It is being unfair for the kids and Esther though, coz they are beginning to complain about being "jelak" at the place. Sorry guys, Papa still loves it muah hahaha.

CNY 2011 BBQ.

Mom decided to organized a simple BBQ party at home.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Yee Sang 2011...

Esther is always the most thoughtful one in the family. She surprises everyone with an impromptu yee sang dinner prior the CNY at home. She would take great effort to ensure certain traditions are maintained. I do not have a great affinity towards yee sang, and usually just take a bite or two for prosperity and luck for the coming year. See, my idea of a great yee sang is quite a, shall I put it, a decadent one, full with juicy slabs of red tunas, salmons and eight heads abalones...whoo hoo. But of course, that remain in my dream.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Chloe & Dylan ~ Lion Dance.

...when we were at Petaling Street couple of weeks back, we saw a kid version of a Chinese Lion Head of which we bought one for the two precious for about RM 30. The kids love it very much, and co-incidentally, Empire Subang was having a lion dance for prosperity and so once we got home, they immediately emulate the moves. But the moves "destroy" the lion head in the process...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

CNY 2011 Part 2 ~ Malacca.

Malacca wasn't so bad, there's an atmosphere of CNY-ness, as compared to TA. Will and Karen as well as their kid, Jon Jon Boy (aka Lil Jon, and no, not the famous rapper with bling-ing gritz, though I could have imagine him with one, heh) were back too, so there is a feeling of "togetherness" when it comes to Esther's family gathering. And if I were to be bored, there's always Nicole to be poked fun at hehe. And of course, the actual reason is because Nicole the Hun's little bro is celebrating his first birthday, and Kar Yaw, Pauline are kind enough to invite us along.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

CNY 2011 ~ Teluk Intan.

...back to TA as usual. It seemed less stressful for me this time 'round though. Against "tradition" I initial took a selfish stand of not going back this year. But somehow I gave in, most likely because I feel bad for being too self absorb and not thinking about how my family would have felt instead. The kids enjoy themselves and so is Esther. I reckoned Dad gave out a big sigh knowing that I would be back...we wouldn't want to go through another "war" on this matter. Let's see how next year would go.