Thursday, 31 March 2011

Chloe ~ Birthday 2011.

Happy Birthday my dear Chloe! How you have grown. And how Papa keeps having these anxiety episodes of missing and reminiscence of you when you were still a baby in my arm. Time moves fast indeed. I just do not want to miss any of these opportunities to see you grow up is what I said to Esther when she asks me why I always look kinda sad when we talk about Chloe and Dylan boy. Soon they will be entering primary, then secondary, then tertiary, then lives of their own, managing ang juggling their lives. Esther always say I think too fast and too far ahead. Just enjoy the moment. My retort? Let's try to get another kid...hehehe. We celebrated Chloe's birthday twice, once during the Port Dickson trip and one the actual day, at home with just a simple BBQ party. And it happens to be Earth Hour Day. The irony is that whilst majority of the world is observing it and turn off all forms of light and practise "green" way of living for at least an hour, our household is actually blasting and burning away at least 50 pcs of chicken wings, lamb chops, bacons with fiery industrial strenght coals sending columns of smokes into the sky that night.. And there are plenty of discarded paper cups, plates and wrappers all around with bags amd bags of refuse at the end of the day.

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