Saturday, 31 December 2011

ThreeA ~ Popbot : Tomorrow Queen Lolli XXXmas TQ.

She walks behind the Mortis.
A (mis) interpretation:
Unit type: Mass production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Queens - GEN 2.0
Unit type: XXXmas.
ID: Lolli.
Rank: Sukeban.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 25th December 1990.
Serial no.: TQG02FBC25121990.
Longevity: 4 years.
Function: Pleasure / close assault.
Physical level: B.
Mental level: C.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial arts; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments: XXXMas - .45 auto revolver; monomolecular-edged wakizashi x 2; Ion cyclotron glove x 2; monomolecular-edged heel x 2.

The toughest thing about getting a ThreeA figure is if the figure were pre-made for order instead of made to order (as well as secret drops and limited in quantities). This I learnt when getting Lolli, the 2011 Christmas TQ, waking up at 8 and a half in the am and countdown to the 9. The moment the clock hits the spot, off I went into Bambaland, the figure's up but darn, the site was crawling at a snail's pace, like traffic jam on a three lane highway when an accident occurred on the opposite direction. When the figure was on the cart, only to find out that payment could not proceed....due to no item in cart!? Whoa....being first timer ordering a pre-made, therefore, limited quantity figure from Bamba, I didn't know what happen (and still don't know why it happened). Nearly dying from anxiety, finally completed transaction by third try. Craziest way to score a figure...Lolli arrived in time, might be sporting a new body, as I noticed the longer legs. TQs on killer heels are getting taller...I reckon the colorway goes good with the ANKOU EX SXCLB set on preorder.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ThreeA ~ Adventure Kartel : Fighting JC.

Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you." ~ Jules, Pulp Fiction.

A (mis) interpretation.

Name: Javier Fernandes Chigurh.
Alias: The Fighting JC.

Age: 50 years old.
Affiliation: Manny's Gym (former); The Thirteen Acolytes (former); The Adventure Kartel Collective (current).
Age : 50 years old.
Std. armaments: "The Blind Oracle" - severed precognitive Zomb Head; "The Towel of Turin" - divine towel.
Abilities: "The Exegesis" - divine empowerment; "The Ten Commandments" - divine martial art; "The Eye of Providence" - divine sight; divine protection; prayer empowerment; indomitable will; purification; healing; exorcism; peak human condition; enhanced wisdom/knowledge.

2001. JC watches intensely at the night sky and horizons as the din of the battles on land and above keeps him awake throughout the night. He is resting and taking a break from the on going fights against the rogue bots and borgs from the Robot Islands surging forth from the Northern Frontier. His restless mind and thoughts wander back to the past. Seems like a life time. Curiously feels like 2000 plus years ago even though it is not.  

JC was born in the toughest mega block in Z10, "Maradona" in the Terra da Santa Cruz sub-sector, within the chocking, urban decay of the hive city, Megalopolis 3 on the Southern Sectors of United Americana. His father left when JC's mom was still pregnant with him. JC remembered his mom likes to joke to friends that JC is of virgin birth. His mom had to work in a back breaking mandatory job 24-7 as a boiler at a local warbot forge industrial complex to ensure there's food on the table and bills were paid on time. Like most kids his age, JC ran with a local posse after being expelled from school for beating a fellow student to near death for bullying and attacking a student of Eastasian origin (anti-immigrant, racial sentiment is exceptionally high in United Americana due to the war and near total collapse of society and economy). Himself a victim of bullying when he was a kid and experiences from watching and confronting bullies revealed the omnipresence of evil and enemies in the world, and taught him the value of physical strength and violence. JC instinctively knows it was the character of a person that matters, not creed, culture nor skin colour difference. Frequent exposure to violence and effects of injury combined with the massive criminal activities within the residential block gave him a hardboiled outlook on the world. Mix martial arts became a passionate preoccupation, as well as developing a love for all contests involving violent, masculine struggle.
In his late teens, he was noticed by John "The Baptist" Manny, a caporegime of a mafiosi clan who has a knack to dispensing loan defaulters by drowning them in a tub filled with water. He ran an underground, vicious mixed martial art tournaments, the Vale tudo, on the side. He witnessed a young, skinny JC outfighting and breaking the arm and leg of a 200 pound, 7 foot man in several places, knocking him out cold. He could had crushed JC like a fly but instead was beaten to pulp by the skinny lad. Manny knew a natural when he saw one and recruited JC into his stable of fighters, giving him proper training and guidance. JC could be his and the old f*** he calls "boss" who owns all the fight clubs and gyms, taking bets and organising both legit or otherwise fight tournaments, one of the many "businesses" under his ten fat, sausage like fingers, money making machine. Manny groomed and trained JC into a top mixed martial art fighter. Eventually JC would ran out of local opponents to fight. Manny knew it's time for JC to go regional and full pro. JC defeated everyone, and became the youngest number one contender, and where he won the prestigious Sparta Mixed Martial Arts World Championship at the age of 20, the youngest person to do so and a title which he held for the next 13 years. It is a record which that remains unbroken. JC himself became rich and living a lifestyle of excesses and grandeur. The 'bling bling' never stopped coming. More importantly, JC's mom would never have to work again, but yet she remained humble, staying at the mega block, and continued to work at the manufacturing plant. She even reprimanded JC for his excesses, resulting in frequent emotional confrontations and quarrels. 'Wastin away your life like that. I know there is something more to you, within yerself, than all these. This things ain't lastin', she said during one of their arguments. 
JC's mom eventually succumbed to cancer, as the block they were staying, categorised as "slum status" by the Judges Law Enforcement Council, was located only 100 metres away from the lead wall that separates the vast, irradiated wasteland, " The Cursed Earth" as well as combination of the non-sanitary conditions of the manufacturing plant. JC never had the opportunity to seek a final reconciliation with his beloved mother. A particularly deafening explosion  breaks JC's train of thought as his eyes welled with tears in present time. His mother's death would be the catalyst in his gradual path to enlightenment and spiritually free himself.
It all began in his dreams after several bouts of unprecedented boozing and pleasures with the girls. JC dreamt about an encounter with an old shepherd tending  a herd of sheep on a hilly area with vast green grasses all around. These dreams would ended in nightmares, of a giant serpent coiling around JC, slowly choking and crush his body. He would try to break free but the serpent's grip was an unbreakable vise squeezing around his torsos, leaving him breathless. He would woke up covering in sweat. Day after day, he tried to forget the dreams and nightmares. Thinking he's going "Insane in the Membrane", JC consulted psychiatrists about the issue but without any breakthrough. He also began to un-consciously, underwent behavioural and personality changes. When he got his tattoos, he had "God Life" inked on his chest with a cross instead of "Thug Life" with an AK 47 as he initially wanted. He also tattooed "Zomb" on his fingers instead of "Bomb" and he punched the light out of the tattooist for the blunder. Later he had "Mary, the Mother of God" tattooed on his back instead of "J.B. Mary, Da Queen of Soul" a female artist he once admired. A second tattoo artist got punched out because of this.

He began to consciously grown tired of his current lifestyle and career ~ the endless partying, decadency, and fighting in the iron cages. He began to self-teach himself on various subjects on banned books on religions illegally obtained through his contacts, philosophy, science, social study, later expanded to occultism, mysticism, and arcane texts, methodically and meticulously. By choice, JC starts to celibate and adopts a vegan diet. At the age of 34, JC makes an important decision. He decides to give away all his wealth and luxurious possession to various charities and those in dire need. He asks Manny to hold a press conference, announcing to the shocking world that he is retiring, abandoning his championship titles. This incurs Manny's wrath, the man whom controlled his career and life, and had by then ascended to become the boss of the mafiosi clan. He orders some of his homeboys to teach JC a lesson. JC is shot six times on the chest at a drive by, but miraculously survived and non of the bullets hit any of his vital organs. He confronts Manny, after demolishing an army of  his guards armed with weapons singlehandedly, saying he will remember Manny's gratitude, but he has now paid his due, owing Manny no more. His lingerie model trophy wife, Madeline, leaves him for someone else. JC, now stripped himself to nothing except for the knowledge gained, then exited the life he once knew. The dream and nightmare begin to stop. As for Manny, JC heard several years later that he and his clan were involved in the distribution of a new drug, triggering a block war with a rival clan, and the Judges finally enforced and executed all of them on the spot for trafficking of illegal substances, but primarily for being out of line. JC then fell out of the public consciousness and no more news were heard about him.
Time passed and JC, by then almost unrecognizable - beard, moustache, haggard and looking older than 50, but still lean and packing a mean punch and kick which could break bones and rupture internal organs, for he has by now trained himself to peak human physical condition - was travelling from city to city along the Amazonis Planitia on Mars, making his way to Olympus Mons with a group made up of eclectic individuals, calling themselves the Thirteen Acolytes, consisting JC himself, of brothers Pedro and Andre, both former  MOD pirates; sister-brother team, Johanna and Jimmy, both former mercenaries; Phillipe, an ex-gigolo; Bart, a former smuggler; Matthaus, a former tithe collector; Tom, a disillusioned former Ecclesiarchy preacher; Jamie, Simone, Jude, all former Arbites of Mars; and Judy, a female former Vindicare assassin. They preached to those who listened, about the decadency and corruption of the religious ideals by the Ecclesiarchy. For a brief period, they were successful. Even a Cult of the Thirteen Acolytes was formed and spread among the Martians citizens. Declared heretics, they became highly wanted by the Ecclesiarchy of Mars and fought many battles against the Arbites and the Retinues.  In one of
 the ensuing fight and violent rioting, JC is the only survivor. The deceased twelve other Acolytes were martyred later by the others. JC successfully evaded the Arbites and Retinues, smuggled himself on board a merchant ship en route to the politically neutral United Space Colony Federation. From there he arrives back onto a war torn Terra.
JC travels across Terra on his lonely journey, taking up odd jobs to meet ends. He first realises his more than human powers during a rest from his travel in Jerusalem's Lot, United Americana. A child has been possessed by a lesser daemon of The Warp and JC instinctively performs exorcism and casts out the entity. Years later, he subsequently gained a reputation as a monstrum venator. He eventually settles in Andria, Eurasia. Surviving the subsequent destruction of Andria, JC later joins the Adventure Kartel Collective. This is due to the rise of the walking dead, the Zomb Horde, former humans entombed with the old city, now known as the Necropolis or the Carrion City. Their relentlessly attacking, eating and stealing the brains of the human population of New Andria makes JC stays on and stops his nomadic lifestyle. 

JC initially stayed at the Church of Divine Grace, only to realise that its members were actually perverse daemonic worshippers of the Ruinous Powers. After battling the demon possessed individuals, banished a demonic entity and burnt the building down, JC opted to stay at the attic converted into a room at Tommy's record shop. Tommy wanted to ask for rent but back off after seeing the tats and scars on the old man. Tommy knows JC means business, literally and metaphorically. All JC wanted for his room is a bed on the floor, clean blanket, clean pillow and a bolster. He went around the city, found some discarded but nice timbers, made himself a wooden chair and table, with a repaired table lamp, completed with old tomes, books and ancient texts. Tommy defunct band, the Missionary Position, rehearsal room and recording studio on the second floor was converted into a training room and gym at the request of JC. JC also began to train Tommy the art of hand to hand combat but the boy just cannot focus. On several training sessions, JC had broken Tommy's ribs (twice), both bones on his hands (thrice) and dislocated his jawbone (uncountable). JC eventually gave up on training Tommy after the latter kept coming with all sorts of excuses to skip the trainings. JC is a master and expert on all forms of existing martial art techniques, of which he combines and refines into what is known as "The Ten Commandments", a nigh formidable form of assault and defence hand to hand combat skill. It is said that no one except for a very few, could match JC in any fights.
In subsequent years, JC became well known to be at the forefront in all fights against the Zomb Hordes, daemonic entities and other foul creatures summon by their leader, the Zomb MD and the Heart of Darkness. JC would inked a cross onto his forearm for each successful mission. Tommy often commented how JC was a one man fighting machine against the Zombs and other supernatural creatures, regardless how numerous or powerful they may be. This is due to the divine empowerment, of which JC could gain powers from divine gods, spirits, concepts or forces. His normal human physiology is heightened to the level of a superhuman when invoking this power, and combine with his absolute mastery of all forms of existing marital art skills, JC is unstoppable in combat. One of his trademark divine empowerment abilities is called "The Exegesis", of which JC would be enveloped in bright light and blasts pure energy in a single, all directions. Another is cleanliness manipulation, of which JC is literally immune from all forms of pestilence and diseases of Nurgleth, as well as purifying and healing those affected by the Zombs. JC also performs exorcism to a great extent and very efficient and effectively so, purging those possessed by daemons from the Realms of Chaos and Warp Space. He possesses "the Eye of Providence", a supernatural ability to be able to see into the very soul of an individual and able to see all the vices and virtues, lies and truth of that individual. This ability also grants JC the capability to see a hidden daemon in the Real Space.  JC is known to be able to cast back greater daemons or princes from the Warp personally. Lesser daemons are known to shriek in pain simply by the presence of JC. He doesn't charge his clients for his service. Tommy often got a severe, though non physical, but verbal reprimand from him for the former's fondness to con people of New Andria through his knowledge of sorcery and summoning of daemons, which often ended up disastrously, needing JC to clean up the mess. JC however, never reveal the truth on such matters for there's virtue in the boy and knowing his background, just, well, perhaps a bit too mischievous and lack responsibility for his own good.
Regardless, JC is still a mortal although there are intense speculation that he could be The One Who Sits On His Father's Right Hand of the House of YHWH of which JC ignores. He could still be severely injured, for all the divine empowerment has a toll on his health, often suffering from extreme fatigue and fainting spells if overstretching his power. JC would try not to use certain of his more formidable abilities unless faced with overwhelming or powerful enemies. Nevertheless, even without invoking the divine powers, JC is still the best hand to hand combatant around, and incredibly difficult to defeat. The Zomb MD considers JC to be his numero uno enemy. 
During one of the combats against the Zomb Hordes, JC succeeded in obtaining the ghastly, decapitated head of the Blind Oracle, a zomb with a specific skill - divination. Sworn an oath of loyalty to JC, the Blind Oracle would advise JC on near future events (an hour to be precise), enabling JC to prepare for pre-emptive assaults against the walking dead next movement and action. The Blind Oracle also acts as a form of motion sensor, gurgling hideously if a fellow Zomb is nearby or hidden in the sewer, their favourite hiding place to launch an assault. JC speculates that the Blind Oracle Zomb has the ability due to overwhelming saturation of the corpse gas, causing it to go into trance and slight degree of clairvoyance. According to the Blind Oracle, the Heart of Darkness, the corrupted A.I. of the orbital station which destroyed Old Andria, is now a literal, living fusion of the Warp and Real Space, in constant mutation, a living, twisting mass of bio-mechanical horror, of which its tentacle-like circuitry has transformed the entombed former city into its own nightmarish imagery. The Heart requires constant human brains to fuel its existence, and even addicted to the endorphin. JC nurtures the Blind Oracle into forgoing the craving for human flesh and brain, instead replacing its constant hunger with lamb chops and sheep brain instead. JC keeps the Blind Oracle in a specially made box anointed with arcane rites to seal its contagion from harming others. JC slaps on a large warning sign stating "Bio-Toxin" on it and keep it in a secret place not even Tommy could not search for it (actually its beneath Tommy's bed).
Baron Shadow, knowing JC's background and suspected "real self", is keeping a close eye on him, whom he considers a "loose cannon" and highly unpredictable, for he is worried that one day, JC would eventually upset the fine balance of the truce between the monster hunters and the children of the night, an event which would result in unprecedented bloodshed and war, which had occurred during the Dark Days.
During one of the Zomb Horde attack, JC single handedly defeated 50 of them within 10 minutes. Covered in black, foul, putrid blood of the walking dead, JC quickly asked for soaps and towel to hose himself clean for "Cleanliness is Godliness". When Tommy took the towel to dispose off, he saw what seemed to be an image imprint of JC's face on it, which looked remarkable similar to the Shroud of Turin of which the Baron lusts for. A bright idea sparked in Tommy's mind. He sent a pict vid of the towel to Baron. The latter was naturally excited and paid a considerable sum for it to Tommy, but upon receiving the towel, Baron Shadow flew into a fit. As it turned out, within an hour of receiving it, the image had changed into a smiley face instead. The Baron sent a squad of ANKOU EX Shadow Security to see Tommy, demanding not only full refund, but also to pay compensation for making a fool out of the him. All JC could say was greed, one of the seven sins, was 'never good. Greed muddles. Greed clouds the mind. Hope this would be a good lesson to you'. Tommy was saved from all the troubles upon Lil Shadow's intervention on behalf of him. JC takes back the towel and has since use it to bitch-slap his supernatural enemies with it after infusing it with divine power.


I leave it aside whether this figure is intended to be the Christian Messiah as I do not want to offend anyone. Also, I do not have any substaintial knowledge of the AK story (if there's any). The figure's different from the usual Hot Toys etc. figures. The details are a complete opposite to say, HT standard (not to mention it's increadibly dusty, I can literally see them floating around when unpacking it. Did they really put them through piles of dust during production?). But that's exactly why I am gearing up on collecting selected stuffs from ThreeA. It's different and re-freshing from the usual fare. And another good thing about ThreeA stuffs are sometimes it allows me to imagine the characterisations and storylines for myself. Of course, the official infos are around, there's a 3A Wiki, there's the forum for fans, and occasional cryptic bits of background infos drop by the man himself, Ashley Wood. But ultimately, that's what the whole fun is about, more shiok, for me, at least, personally, to re-think and re-imagine the whole senario. Just like when I played those old toys mom and pop got for me back then. He-Man vs Optimus Prime, the Zoids doubling up as Voltron's nemesis. Credits also go to works by Neil Gaiman, Mike Mignola's Hellboy series and others too numerous to remember or mention here. I'm gonna enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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ThreeA ~ Adventure Kartel : Bleak Mission.

"A bleak day. From everywhere mire. A dark fringed cloud. A shadow casting light."
"Longing for a way back. Half a whole. Simpler days. Simpler man."
His seed lost at birth. Heaped blame upon it. A mirror cracked. Many faces stare back."
"The first to be asked. The first to offer all. Shun the robes. But not the message."
"A bleak day. A hidden sun. A bleak day. A dog's best friend."
- extract from "My Gift To You, The Portents of Julian Creamy (unpublished, of course!).

I wander lonely streets
Behind where the old Thames does flow
And in every face I meet
Reminds me of what I have run from
In every man, in every hand
In every kiss you understand
That living is for other men
I hope you too will understand
I've got to tell you my tale
Of how I loved and how I failed
I hope you understand
Oh these feelings should not be in the man
- History, The Verve.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: William Mission.
Alias : Bleak.
Age: 45 years old.

Affiliation: The Adventure Kartel (former); Independent (current).
Std. armaments: "Gladys" - modified .45 supernatural auto revolver; Custard "the Satanic" Labrador; magic objects and mystic items.

Abilities: Magic manipulation; expert hand to hand combatant; master strategist and tactician; deception; cunningness.

2001. Isle of Avallone. Bleak sat down amongst the surviving few apple trees and fired up another Habanos cigarillo. 'Nuthin taste better than the hand roll ones by a torcedora on her sweet inner thigh,' Bleak would always say. He rests his back against a stone carving on which written upon it, "Insula Pomorum quae Fortunata uocatur", the Fortunate Island. Bleak and his companion, the genetically engineered dog, Custard the Satanic Labrador, has came here to 'escape from it all'. Weary and tired, Bleak arrives at the island on a self imposed exile, the guilt of the past and youthful mis-endeavour, a terrible sadness that seems to weight heavily perpetually upon his shoulder, relentless memories that refuse to let go of his battered mind. The isle seems to reflect Bleak's state of emotional and mental breakdown with its vast tract of morgues, cemeteries and burial grounds of long dead legendary kings and ancient lords of Albion. The place was once a legendary paradise but Eden has since burnt. All that is left are desolation and bleakness. A fitting final resting place.
Bleak is from Albion City, Europa. His mother died while giving birth to him. His father's identity was then unknown to him and he moves in under the care of his uncle and aunt. Unfortunately both died in an accident involving a stray bomb from a warbot. Bleak wanders the streets afterward, eventually becomes involve with an underground occult group known as the Session 9, which uses magic to carry out crimes. He is eventually caught and sent to the Butcher's Bay penal colony at Site 7. At the age of eighteen, Bleak is sent for military duties rotation serving in the Western Front sub-sector of Germania and participated in the Battle of Rhine-Ruhr City. There he first encounters a vampir preying on the grunts in the trenches. After completing his duty, Bleak is pardoned and honourably discharged. Going back to his homeland, Bleak struggles to find job and is forced to contacting back his old acquaintances and life of crime. His life changed forever when he is recruited as a member of the secret occult society, the Club of Osiris while trying to steal the Book of Thoth. His elementary magic skills are further developed, and as with all Mission family, Bleak quickly masters all forms of magic abilities and occult knowledge. His position within the Club rises, and during those period, Bleak also become enamoured of punk rock. He becomes friends with famous rock stars, majority whom are secretly seeking new "fads" in the form of occultism and sees Bleak as an "adviser" and "teacher". Bleak gains his nickname "The Chthonian" during this period of his life for his nihilistic outlook at life. He nevertheless practises a decadent lifestyle which involves magical orgy, drugs and subliminal songs. As his popularity rises, Bleak later become involve in an extramarital affair with the young wife of Mordecai, one of the Elders. Both this and internal political strife for power makes Bleak break away from the Club. Unknown to him, his married lover is then pregnant with his child, later to be sent to the Apulia Sector orphanage, Olive Creek. His son is non other than Thomas "Tommy" Mission. The cuckolded Mordecai does not forgive Bleak though. Summoning a daemon after him, Bleak witnesses his friends and acquaintances torn apart by the creature during a party before he banishes it back to the warp. The massacre drives Bleak into madness, and the atheist Terra authorities committed him to the Jeremiah Danvers Institution. He is abused regularly by the guards there, and worse still, the director of administration of the hospital is a member of the Club of Osiris, and under the instruction of the vengeful Mordecai, carries out various magical experimentation upon Bleak. Eventually he is sprung from the hospital by a dhampir, Baron Seth von Sydow, whom together with Bleak, track down and capture the vampir overlord, Drago Tempes, whom has been awakened by Mordecai. While successful in his task, Bleak is infected with the curse of the lycan, briefly suffering from being turned into a werewolf until he cured himself later with wolfsbane which nearly kills him in the process.
Bleak continues to work for Seth, whom becomes the founder of the city of Andria, Apulia Sector. Bleak later becomes involve in a political power struggle between the vampir clan of the Blue Bloods and the dhampir group,The Cognate Society. Bleak is able out-play and defeat both sides through cunningness. He then takes revenge on Mordecai, having him dragged to Dis and tortured for eternity by having a deal with a Hierophant.
After a period, Bleak enters into a tumultuous relationship with Elaine Von Sydow, the eldest daughter of by newly appointed Baron Seth Von Sydow. Relationship between a dhampir and human is highly forbidden as accorded by the Treaty of Nicaea, the Governor General has no choice but to banish Bleak from Andria shortly before the orbital crash of the Rothchild Weapon Research and Development Station, The Apsinthos upon the city. This and subsequent discovery that he has a son whom he neglected, and in turn refuses to claim him as a father, causes him to fall into a major depression that leaves him wandering aimlessly across Terra, an alcoholic and abusing drugs. He travels wide and far. In Masr Kayropolis hivecity, Republic of Middle East, he befriends Custard, a genetic engineered dog which is a former member of the Circle of Lab, a pirate group consisting of equally genetic engineered dogs terrorising the Suez. The dogs were intended to be  infiltrators, intelligence information gathering agents for covert operations. Possessing intellect which match their creators, the canines were also built for combat. They are a hundred times more robust and fiercer than any ancient battle hounds. Their bites and claws are reinforced with super hardened ceramic steel alloy strong enough to tear apart standard armours and flak jackets. Their eyes, ears and nose contained advanced sensory perceptions and long range scanners. A Lab could scan through the entire light spectrums, pick up all range of broadcasting frequencies and extract information from sense of smell from miles away. Each dog has a 200 years lifespan. Before the Circle of Lab sales pitch was to be presented to the Terra governments however, the director of Rothchild R&D division had a change of mind. The six Labradors were to be culled, but Bean Sr. allows them to escape. After wandering aimlessly around, the canines settled in the Republic of Middle East. There, they quickly gained notoriety as self styled "Canine Pirates of New Luxor", terrorising the merchant shipping lanes in the Suez. During one of his adventures to seek out the Eye of Ra, Bleak fought the canines on numerous occasions. Finally, the local government sent a 666th "Sand Devil" Division Dropcloth warbots team to exterminate the dogs once and for all. Custard is the only survivor (but with its left eye shot off), after being saved by Bleak, whom himself was wounded in the melee. Feeling indebted, Custard imprinted its mind onto Bleak and has been staying loyal to him and by his side throughout his adventures ever since. Bleak has grown tremendously fond of it. Custard often advises Bleak on important matters, and has protected, and saves him from trouble on several occasions. They could communicate with each other in human language. This is the reason why some people who come across Custard calls it "a satanic dog", a term which Bleak loves and since then, has introduced the Lab as Custard, the Satanic Dog. It speaks in a deep, baritone voice akin to J.E.Jones, a well known movie actor. Custard carries a backpack on its body. It contains several copy of grimoires (The Book of Thoth, the Liber Juratus, the Clavicula Salomonis, the Lemegeton and the Necronomicon), a piece of a mysterious rune stone, the Seal of Solomon, and a signed copy of Playboy by the late Hollywood sex symbol/actress Marilyn M, amongst other magic and mystic items.

Although a compassionate humanist who struggles to overcome the influence of both Order and Chaos over humanity and despite his occasional forays into heroism, Bleak is a foul-mouthed cynic who intentionally pursues a life of sorcery and danger. His motivation has been attributed to an adrenaline addiction that only the strange and mysterious can sate. He also seems to be something of a "weirdness magnet". Bleak has a wide and international circle of contacts and allies, and is supremely adept at making friends. He has had many girlfriends as well, and mentions past boyfriends.  At the same time, his close friends inevitably suffer or are outright killed simply by being in his life. This has left a severe psychological scar on him. Bleak carries a sidearm known as "Gladys", an auto-revolver which fires self-custom made bullets. These rounds are tipped with explosive shells that contain white oak, holy water, garlic, and silver shavings. These ingredients, each bearing a folkloric power to impede evil and/or specific monsters, have the potential to injure many of the foes Bleak may face. The gun itself has unearthly resistance to almost all forms of meta-physical attack, and includes grips carved from fragments of the True Cross. The metal of the gun is forged from a combination of Irish church bells, cold iron from crucifixes, blessed silver, and other mystic metals. The gun was said to have been given to him by a renegade daemon  prince known as Anung un Rama. Although Bleak hates to admit it, but he is a lousy shot, thus rely more on his magical abilities and formidable hand to hand combat skills. After coming clean from his drugs and alcohol addiction, Bleak regains his high level of physical endurance, strength and dexterity, capable of taking high amount of physical punishments. His military experience and trainings gained makes him an exceptional hand to hand combatant. Bleak rugged face is heavily scarred during his battle against Koschei the Deathless at the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom. With the use of his magical knowledge, Bleak can resist many psychic attacks such as telepathy, soul and body possession, and powerful mind controls. He can even use sigils to block off omniprescence. Bleak has some resistance against omniscience, as he is fully capable of tricking powerful divine beings. Bleak is adept at summoning daemons to fight in battles as well as he can also create and raise his own powerful daemons with ease. He has defences against psychic assaults, curses, spells, mind control, and daemonic/spirit possession. Bleak also carries with him an assortment of magical tools and weapons, such as his own military jacket that has its own sentient magical powers. Even with pressure, lack of time and preparation, Bleak can think of a strategy to defeat his enemies in a fight, letting him outwit both forces of Order and Chaos while striking fear into them. He's a master tactician and strategist and he can plan a strategy on the go. Bleak is known to possess great intellect, cunningness and deception. He has fought against many of the most powerful beings in existence. His achievements are well recognised by gods, goddesses and greater daemons, making him one of the most powerful mage in existence.

I imagine Bleak as an anti-hero, something like Clint Eastwood's character in A Fistful of Dollars I guess, with some Spielberg's Indiana Jones, Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez works thrown into the mix. The majority of the misinterpretation is taken from John Constantine's wiki.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chloe & Dylan ~ Lameeya.

When Esther suggested Lameeya, a noodle food chain outlet for lunch, I shot it down initially. Meh, probably another run of the mill type of noodle outlet. Furthermore it's lam mee, and what can beat the traditional apek coffee shop lam mee right? As usual, I am wrong and the wife's right, as I enjoyed the noodle so much that I ordered double....and still eyeing Esther's prawn mee.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Solstice 2011.

It's time for Tong Yuen again, so everyone ('cept me, being a lazy bum), got their hands busy making those dough balls with Malaccan brown sugar inside. Chloe and Dylan entertained themselves by making various version of "snowman, turtles, tortoise and ice-cream".

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Chloe & Dylan ~ Steam boat again.

Loves it when having a steam boat dinner at home with Esther and the two, cheeky, mischievous precious. Peeling the cockle's shells and washed it thoroughly is a chore though...worth it coz loves cockles.

Monday, 5 December 2011

ThreeA ~ Adventure Kartel : Lil Shadow.

I only smile in the dark
My only comfort is the night gone black
I didn't accidentally tell you that
You'll get the message by the time I'm through
When I complain about me and you
You can keep me company
As long as you don't care
You wanna hear about my new obsession?
~ Garbage, Only Happy When It Rains.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name : Elizabeth Von Sydow.
Alias : Lil Shadow.

Affiliation: The Shadow Famiglia; The Adventure Kartel.
Age : 300 years old.
Std. armaments : "Skull Booms" - human skull bomb, and anything she could grab on to bash the Zombs, including Tommy Mission.
Abilities :"Sekhmeth's Wrath" - ancient martial art; dhampir enhance physiology; healing factor; extrasensory perception; vision based powers; emotion manipulation; mental manipulation; biological manipulation; immortality; enhanced wisdom/experience; magic adept; expert hand to hand combatant.

Lil Shadow is the youngest daughter of New Andria's Governor General, Baron Seth von Sydow and his wife, Baroness Nephthys, also known as Mr and Mrs Shadow respectively. She is a 300 years old dhampir, whom corresponds to a 19 years old human, as well as looking like one. The only giveaway that she is a dhampir is her almost unnoticeable smooth marble-like skin, which sometimes glitter in the light. Lil Shadow is the youngest of three sisters. Her second sister, Eliza von Sydow aka Cherry Shadow, and the eldest sister, Elaine von Sydow aka Big Shadow are both twins. Her parents are part of the dhampir organisation known as The Cognate Society, which are united throughout the globe, taught to refrain from violence unless forced to, and has integrated with humans into a system of coexistence. Ironically, a dhampir are result of several centuries of cross-breeding experiments between human subjects and vampir undertaken by the overlord of vampir himself, Drago Tempes, to retaliate against the pure vampir, The Blue Bloods, growing tired against their cold blooded, murderous rules over the humans throughout the Age of Darkness. Lil Shadow sees her heredity equally as a curse and a gift. Like all dhampir, Lil Shadow can walk in the sun but subjects to higher rate of sunburn as well as onset of lethargy and stress. Her longevity has left her feeling jaded at times, yet enables her to learn, understand and gains experiences of which she uses for acts of good and virtue. Lil Shadow has a normal human diet with no desire for blood, although drinking any form of blood would enable her to heal faster from injuries and bolster her superhuman physiology and supernatural capabilities to higher level. Lil Shadow ages at an incredible slow rate, making her an immortal. She had been severely injured and could be killed, although her recuperative properties and resiliency against all forms of disease, wounds and injuries are naturally better than a normal human, enabling her to heal at superhuman rate. Lil Shadow possess mental manipulation powers, ability to shape shift herself into inorganic, super hardened material such as diamond skin while retaining organic properties, as well as protection against all forms of physical, mental and spiritual attacks such as magic and sorcery. Lil Shadow is also a magic and occult adept although she rarely uses it unless in direst circumstances.  

Although forbidden by her parents, Lil Shadow has personally helps out those in need of protection throughout the latter parts of her 300 years of living in this world. It also helps her keep her mind preoccupied and prevents her from falling into state of suicidal depression, which affects at least 60% of all dhampir, usually due to internal conflict based either moral or religious reasons. 
Lil Shadow primarily engages  her adversaries in a hand to hand combat through an ancient martial art known as Sekhmet's Wrath, which are taught to sisters and herself by their father and mother. Sekhmeth's Wrath is developed in the Old Ages. The Sydows are the last masters of this ancient and forbidden martial art of dark origin. The  Lil Shadow has mastered it well, as evident when she confronted the Beast of Gévaudan, a psychotic, serial killing lycan preying on young women of old Andria, and was literally torn apart by her bare hand. She had the pieces sent to the Lycaon and Callisto chieftains of the remaining lycan tribes around Europa and Eurasia as warning to abide by the Pact of Truce. Lil Shadow also uses the Skull Boom, hand bomb made from the skulls of human sinners which lined and fenced the chicken leg house of the ancient Eurasian witch, Baba Yaga.
As of the year 2001, Lil Shadow is currently adopting a Bohemian lifestyle and with a hip, gothic outlook. She has developed a love for avant garde poetry by the Black Mountain poets, writings by the "Beat generation", auteur films and indie music. She gets to know Tommy Mission and the Adventure Kartel when she drops by his record shop one day and got into a fiery debate with Tommy about the merits of works by Kathy Acker, the French critical theory and philosophy. For Tommy, after being dumped for the 49th time, it is truly love at first sight or maybe it is due to Lil Shadow's dhampir aura. Tommy falls so hard in love, too deep and emotional that he shed a tear there and then, smearing his face with his guyliner. An awkward moment for Tommy, but a memorable one for both of them. Lil Shadow, however, knows only too well not to fall in love and enter into a relationship with a normal human. Tommy eventually learns that she's a dhampir. Although the  Fighting JC initially suspicious of her due to her background, he eventually warms up to Lil Shadow and together, they are nigh formidable, often team up to fight off most of the greatest Zombs assaults on the city as well as other foul creatures and supernatural forces menacing New Andria. She has also saves them from sticky situation on several occasions, such as the Bomber Zombs incursion into New Andria, which are literally walking dead bloated with corpse gas or ethylene that they explodes upon impact like water balloons. They are propelled/launched into the city through ignition of the highly combustible corpse gas release from a valve inserted onto their rectum. The subsequent corpse gas released from the exploding Zombs caused Tommy and JC to hallucinate due to a newly developed spell negating both Tommy and JC's immunity against the Nurgleth effect. Lil Shadow said Tommy shouted, "I'M NATALIE P.! I'M THE BLACK SWAN!", while flapping both arms and doing his best imitation of a ballerina. Fighting JC climbed to the rooftop of a church, and shouted, "I AM THE GOLDEN GOD! BOW BEFORE ME, ALL YOUSE WORTHLESS WORMS!!!" while beating both his chest like a gorilla. Lucky for the Skull Boom at hand, Lil Shadow detonated one which incinerated all the Zombs, as well as levelling half a city block. Tommy and JC were given treatment for the hallucinogenic effect, which lasted two days. They were interned temporarily at the local asylum due to lack of available wards at the overcrowded hospital due to the Zombs attack. When Lil Shadow visited them, Tommy can still be seen humming to the tune of pop singer Kylie M's "Locomotion" while JC was break dancing, old skool style. Pict vids of their antics at the height of hallucination has since gone viral with more than 400 millions view hits on U-Tiup, briefly overtaken J. Beaver and Psycho's MV hit singles, "Babes" and "Jang Geum's Style " respectively.


Tommy's been lonely on the shelf for quite some time, so I reckon its time to get Lil Shadow to accompany him. This is the original, first release version. BTW, ThreeA Toys can be literally dusty, apart from that perpetual smell of turpentine. I imagine Lil Shadow's personality as somewhat a milder version of Lisbeth Salander, with some sprinkling of a stereotypical hipster persona.