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ThreeA ~ Adventure Kartel : Lil Shadow.

I only smile in the dark
My only comfort is the night gone black
I didn't accidentally tell you that
You'll get the message by the time I'm through
When I complain about me and you
You can keep me company
As long as you don't care
You wanna hear about my new obsession?
~ Garbage, Only Happy When It Rains.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name : Elizabeth Von Sydow.
Alias : Lil Shadow.

Affiliation: The Shadow Famiglia; The Adventure Kartel.
Age : 300 years old.
Std. armaments : "Skull Booms" - human skull bomb, and anything she could grab on to bash the Zombs, including Tommy Mission.
Abilities :"Sekhmeth's Wrath" - ancient martial art; dhampir enhance physiology; healing factor; extrasensory perception; vision based powers; emotion manipulation; mental manipulation; biological manipulation; immortality; enhanced wisdom/experience; magic adept; expert hand to hand combatant.

Lil Shadow is the youngest daughter of New Andria's Governor General, Baron Seth von Sydow and his wife, Baroness Nephthys, also known as Mr and Mrs Shadow respectively. She is a 300 years old dhampir, whom corresponds to a 19 years old human, as well as looking like one. The only giveaway that she is a dhampir is her almost unnoticeable smooth marble-like skin, which sometimes glitter in the light. Lil Shadow is the youngest of three sisters. Her second sister, Eliza von Sydow aka Cherry Shadow, and the eldest sister, Elaine von Sydow aka Big Shadow are both twins. Her parents are part of the dhampir organisation known as The Cognate Society, which are united throughout the globe, taught to refrain from violence unless forced to, and has integrated with humans into a system of coexistence. Ironically, a dhampir are result of several centuries of cross-breeding experiments between human subjects and vampir undertaken by the overlord of vampir himself, Drago Tempes, to retaliate against the pure vampir, The Blue Bloods, growing tired against their cold blooded, murderous rules over the humans throughout the Age of Darkness. Lil Shadow sees her heredity equally as a curse and a gift. Like all dhampir, Lil Shadow can walk in the sun but subjects to higher rate of sunburn as well as onset of lethargy and stress. Her longevity has left her feeling jaded at times, yet enables her to learn, understand and gains experiences of which she uses for acts of good and virtue. Lil Shadow has a normal human diet with no desire for blood, although drinking any form of blood would enable her to heal faster from injuries and bolster her superhuman physiology and supernatural capabilities to higher level. Lil Shadow ages at an incredible slow rate, making her an immortal. She had been severely injured and could be killed, although her recuperative properties and resiliency against all forms of disease, wounds and injuries are naturally better than a normal human, enabling her to heal at superhuman rate. Lil Shadow possess mental manipulation powers, ability to shape shift herself into inorganic, super hardened material such as diamond skin while retaining organic properties, as well as protection against all forms of physical, mental and spiritual attacks such as magic and sorcery. Lil Shadow is also a magic and occult adept although she rarely uses it unless in direst circumstances.  

Although forbidden by her parents, Lil Shadow has personally helps out those in need of protection throughout the latter parts of her 300 years of living in this world. It also helps her keep her mind preoccupied and prevents her from falling into state of suicidal depression, which affects at least 60% of all dhampir, usually due to internal conflict based either moral or religious reasons. 
Lil Shadow primarily engages  her adversaries in a hand to hand combat through an ancient martial art known as Sekhmet's Wrath, which are taught to sisters and herself by their father and mother. Sekhmeth's Wrath is developed in the Old Ages. The Sydows are the last masters of this ancient and forbidden martial art of dark origin. The  Lil Shadow has mastered it well, as evident when she confronted the Beast of Gévaudan, a psychotic, serial killing lycan preying on young women of old Andria, and was literally torn apart by her bare hand. She had the pieces sent to the Lycaon and Callisto chieftains of the remaining lycan tribes around Europa and Eurasia as warning to abide by the Pact of Truce. Lil Shadow also uses the Skull Boom, hand bomb made from the skulls of human sinners which lined and fenced the chicken leg house of the ancient Eurasian witch, Baba Yaga.
As of the year 2001, Lil Shadow is currently adopting a Bohemian lifestyle and with a hip, gothic outlook. She has developed a love for avant garde poetry by the Black Mountain poets, writings by the "Beat generation", auteur films and indie music. She gets to know Tommy Mission and the Adventure Kartel when she drops by his record shop one day and got into a fiery debate with Tommy about the merits of works by Kathy Acker, the French critical theory and philosophy. For Tommy, after being dumped for the 49th time, it is truly love at first sight or maybe it is due to Lil Shadow's dhampir aura. Tommy falls so hard in love, too deep and emotional that he shed a tear there and then, smearing his face with his guyliner. An awkward moment for Tommy, but a memorable one for both of them. Lil Shadow, however, knows only too well not to fall in love and enter into a relationship with a normal human. Tommy eventually learns that she's a dhampir. Although the  Fighting JC initially suspicious of her due to her background, he eventually warms up to Lil Shadow and together, they are nigh formidable, often team up to fight off most of the greatest Zombs assaults on the city as well as other foul creatures and supernatural forces menacing New Andria. She has also saves them from sticky situation on several occasions, such as the Bomber Zombs incursion into New Andria, which are literally walking dead bloated with corpse gas or ethylene that they explodes upon impact like water balloons. They are propelled/launched into the city through ignition of the highly combustible corpse gas release from a valve inserted onto their rectum. The subsequent corpse gas released from the exploding Zombs caused Tommy and JC to hallucinate due to a newly developed spell negating both Tommy and JC's immunity against the Nurgleth effect. Lil Shadow said Tommy shouted, "I'M NATALIE P.! I'M THE BLACK SWAN!", while flapping both arms and doing his best imitation of a ballerina. Fighting JC climbed to the rooftop of a church, and shouted, "I AM THE GOLDEN GOD! BOW BEFORE ME, ALL YOUSE WORTHLESS WORMS!!!" while beating both his chest like a gorilla. Lucky for the Skull Boom at hand, Lil Shadow detonated one which incinerated all the Zombs, as well as levelling half a city block. Tommy and JC were given treatment for the hallucinogenic effect, which lasted two days. They were interned temporarily at the local asylum due to lack of available wards at the overcrowded hospital due to the Zombs attack. When Lil Shadow visited them, Tommy can still be seen humming to the tune of pop singer Kylie M's "Locomotion" while JC was break dancing, old skool style. Pict vids of their antics at the height of hallucination has since gone viral with more than 400 millions view hits on U-Tiup, briefly overtaken J. Beaver and Psycho's MV hit singles, "Babes" and "Jang Geum's Style " respectively.


Tommy's been lonely on the shelf for quite some time, so I reckon its time to get Lil Shadow to accompany him. This is the original, first release version. BTW, ThreeA Toys can be literally dusty, apart from that perpetual smell of turpentine. I imagine Lil Shadow's personality as somewhat a milder version of Lisbeth Salander, with some sprinkling of a stereotypical hipster persona.

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