Sunday, 26 June 2011

Headplay ~ 1/6th Donnie.

Saw an array of headsculpt on display at BTS xl-shop recently, to my surprise, some of it (well from my skewed perspective anyway) really do closely resemble those stars the HS attempt to capture. I never heard of Headplay, the company responsible for it, so I decided to plonk down RM70 each for a Donnie and Leslie after much hilarious conversation on all matters related to current controvesy with Enterbay's Game of Death product quality with David (Sam's down with diarrhoea after downing some see ham...he looks surreal-ly green that day). "Donnie" HS's fine 'cept the neck's abit long-ish and the skin texture kinda jiao jiao abit. Otherwise ok.

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