Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Dylan's birthday is around the corner, so Esther decided to get him a pet hamster from Petsmore at Empire Subang to start a little bit of "responsibility" thing for him. Dylan seems less afraid when it comes to touching or petting a cat or puppy, as oppose to Chloe, who will scream and run, or if I am around, will climb all over me, from anything alive and furry, irregardless whether it is a puppy or mouse. While I do intend to eventually get them a pet dog, Esther cautioned that maybe that would be a tad too much degree of responsibility involve for the dog to be properly taken care of at this point of our life. Anyway, we also got the hamster, a female by the way, a little three tiered cage with accessories (necessary or otherwise) plus the bedding (I call it substrate as I am more used to reptile and aquatic pets) and proper food. Once home, we let it out abit and immediately it went straight underneath the sofa. Dylan caught it with his bare hands but perhaps apply a tad too much pressure, the hamster seemed to let out a sound and tremble nervously! Fortunately no unforeseen incident happen to the hamster and as of today, it seems to be happily playing and eating inside its cage.

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