Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Dylan - Little Monster From The Lagoon.

Yarghhh!!!! Dylan happily playing away whilst at shower. He is so kesian he always get hit by Chloe or bullied by Suetch. Just now when I came back, Esther shared that Chloe had just hit his face and causes a blue black mark. Since he is already asleep, I did not get to see the extent of the injury. Also, he insisted on wearing a new slip in Esther bought for him over the weekend but a size too small, thus causing a blister formation on his feet...sigh, sometimes I feel that I just did not spend enough time with him. He has also recovered from a cold couple of days ago, which caused him to have a mild fever and cough. The cough, which Chloe also got lately since spending an evening at Karen and Will's place, cause such "throat itchiness" that at one night, both sort of threw up which nearly caused me a heart attack. Esther managed to console me quite abit by filling me in over what my two precious did over the evening when I was still at work, which ease me abit knowing that they are as boisterous and active as before since recovering from the cold.

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