Friday, 24 October 2008

Injured my left hand

Injured my left wrist and hand on Monday....foolishly tried to stand on the chair which has roller attached on to it whilst tried to put a box on to the top cabinet...
It toppled and I landed on a bad angle. Hand and wrist practically swell up like a boxing glove after nap. Went to see GP at SS18. Diagnose was not so good, suspected may have broken bones...prescribed 3 pils for me, 1 for muscle, 1 for swelling and 1 for pain. Darn it, hate medication, makes me feel dull and tired. But it helps to keep the pain due to lactic acid built up away. Pain's killing me, making me temperamental...Next day, see GP again, sent me to Subang Jaya Medical Center for x-ray. Waited 2 hours for my turn. Cost me MYR56. The place was practically packed. X-ray came out, thank goodness, no broken bones. Every things fine except for the swelling and blue black. Went back to GP, gave me a day MC...and wait for a week for hand to get back to more stupid moves.

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