Monday, 20 October 2008

Monkey Cups..start.

Went to Subang Parade again this morning and bought a Nepenthes rafflesiana, which is a low land pitcher plant. A mature rafflesiana pitcher is said to rival that of N. rajah, reportedly the largest pitcher ever recorded. However, due to the wide range of variations, not sure if the one I bought is one of the giant species. Also re-purchase a Dionaea muscipula or more popularly known as Venus Flytrap. The 1st one I bought gave up and died about a month after I got practically turned black! The proprietor advice is to put it under 100% sunlight but with plenty of moisture. Honestly I am abit skeptical as a search on Wikipedia said that this is plant also require annual hibernation process! Hhhmmm... Anyway, I just decided to have another shot at it.

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