Friday, 7 November 2008

Chloe...potty training.

When it comes to potty training for Chloe, it gotta be one of the hardest stage for a parent to go thru. Firstly Chloe does not give clear sign that she needs to "go". Even when she does so, usually by a facial expression of a "contraction" with a silence, the "produce" would already be "midway" there unless we are lightning fast and usually during when we are preoccupied (like when updating this blog). The potty for her is a traditional one, red and shaped like a top hat. We also try to gradually train her by not letting her wear diapers all day the problem is that when she wanna "wee wee", she would do it on the spot and have to clean after her...professional books said these are normal, and the child would gradually learn. Pic taken on 17th Mar 08.

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