Sunday, 23 November 2008

Daorae, USJ Taipan.

Esther, Chloe, Dylan, Siti and I went for dinner with Sim Yoon and Choo to Daorae, our favourite Korean restaurant at USJ Taipan, which in turn, were introduced by an ex-colleague of mine and his wife. Chloe was afraid of Choo, and kept crying. She was finally pacified by Sim Yoon who offered her some M&Ms. Not a good practise but at least she stopped and managed to be persuaded to tuck in her dinner. Chloe tends to fear strangers whom she haven't met or remember. Seeing Chloe crying, Dylan too joined in. So it was a chorus of cries in the restaurant but its alright. As usual, the dinner was great. After being pacified, Chloe seemed to enjoy the foods as well. Dylan fell asleep soon after we pacified him but woke up towards the end of the dinner. Daorae has great atmosphere and service. The Korean proprietor was very personable and helpful as usual, even to the extent of personally greeting and saying goodbye to all his customers.

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