Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Monkey Cups...where to get it in Msia?

Time and time again I kept losing the proprietor's business cards and website info. Well I finally managed to nailed it down which is www.dapat.net/4zeplant. Also known as Nepenthes Garden, the proprietor, Encik Mohd. Fauzi is a nice cool guy who is helpful (and quite patience...) on all matters regarding canivourious plants' husbandry. He operates a stall every Saturday and Sunday at Subang Parade and I got my plants from him there. He also owned a nursery in Ampang but visit is by appointment only. His website is updated with new arrivals as well as the retail price which is helpful cos some of these plants may costs more than MYR100, especially the rare ones! Another site which I happened to discover is www.petpitcher.com which I haven't really get to dwell into yet but from the looks of it, this may be the main focal point of all matters involving carnivourous plants! Can't wait to get all "geek" about it.

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