Sunday, 23 November 2008

Suet Nee's Full Moon Celebration.

Esther, Chloe, Dylan and I attended Suet Nee's Full Moon celebration at my sister's place in Puchong. According to one of the Chinese cultural tradition, all babies "reach" 1 month old ( calculated according to the Chinese Lunar calender ) must hold the celebration above. I could not remember the reason for such event. Mom ordered catering but I think she did not account for the rainy weather, causing quite a number of invitees to cancel attendance at the last minute. As a result, a lot of foods had to be "tar pau" by guests. The menu is as usual, fired beehoons, chicken nyonya style, stir fried vegies, fried spring cooked "nasi kunyit" with curry chicken, and sister's parent in law brought some vineger laced pork knuckles for the occasion.

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