Sunday, 2 November 2008

Weekend here's again...yeah!

I love my weekends especially Friday night onwards. Basically feeling more relax and really need to rejuvenate physically and mentally from weekdays hectic work related lifestyle. No fancy activities, just looking forward a great time with my family. Just now had a chicken rice dinner with Esther and Chloe at SS14 restaurant in Subang. Nice, but not as good compare to the one at Jalan Gasing, PJ or the authentic ones from Ipoh Old Town section. After that went to Giant Hypermarket, Subang to grab some groceries for the coming week. Noticed prices of goods are a tad higher than what it used to be (I hardly go for groceries shopping). Weekend crowds still there but probably cut back a bit on spending, with all the talks about recession hitting Msia in 2009. Esther decided to cook us some nice lamb chops tomorrow for lunch although I still have doubts about her cooking skills...nevertheless I encourage her to try and give it a shot, so she grabbed some cut lambs pieces, and other stuffs for her "ingredients".

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