Friday, 12 December 2008

Guns & Roses

Formerly known as the most dangerous band in the world, incited at least two concert riots, G n R, particularly their debut Appetite For Destruction, epitomized the best of "sex, drugs and rock n roll" pathos...Axl is the only original member left from the first lineup. From Slash's killer opening rift and Axl Rose's venomous vibrato on "Welcome To The Jungle" to "My Michelle", there was not a single short changed moment on the rockin ride. But my personal favourite would be "Thinkin About You", a rare straight forward "love song", which, the lead guitar was by Izzy Straddlin. Of course, I would went on to collect some maxi-CD single such as "Sweet Child O Mine" with "November Rain", "Patience", "Knockin On Heaven's Door" and the killer "Don't Cry" but G n R's debut remained the best there is...

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