Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Eve 08.

As usual, every Christmas eve, we would go to some place for a nice dinner. This year, we decided to drop by 1-Utama for our dinner at one of the Thais restaurant called Thai Noodle House. It served some nice noodles as well as Thai dishes. Also, we decided to pick up Uncle Chye who was working as a promoter at one of the electrical goods retailer branches there. He still wait for his own car to be approved, so for the past few days, mom and I had been serving as his chauffer ;). There was hugh crowd there at 1-U. I reckoned most people was doing a last minute shopping or waiting for the countdown. Both Chloe and Dylan were having a great time. Chloe was running about and occasionally launched into an impromptu singing session whilst Dylan was going all excited looking at the passer by with his baby talk. Of course mom wasn't that pleased with Chloe's highly energetic running about..

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