Saturday, 20 December 2008

Eternal 877

The 877 is Eternal's 10th Anniversary version of the famous 811 cut. It is dyed with natural indigo. The most striking feature of this pair is the vertical and horizontal yarns interweaved with one another, creating a distinctive appearance due to the deliberate uneveness in the hand dying process. It is limited but not sure to how many pairs, for domestic release only. Weighing at a staggering 18.5oz, this is the heaviest jean I owned. There is the standard red tag with the "E" logo on the back pocket. Red line selvedge. The patch is subtlely distinctive, very creamy and nice leathery tan to it, with just the brand name and description. Comes with a handkerchief, which I think will probably used to tuck into the back pocket for that "greaser" look. Then again, maybe not.

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