Thursday, 11 December 2008

Madonna & Michael Jackson ~ 80s Pop Giants.

Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Material Girl and The Gloved One. Both made as much impact on my pre-teen 80s pop music as the rests. Both reigned over the 80s mainstream chart like nobody else. Both had iconic accessories at one time ~ Maddie with her JPG cone bra, Wacko had the fedora hat, a satin glove and socks to match. Both created so much successes and attentions that the media had to intrude into their personal lives for tabloid fodder to satiate the demands of their fans. Both danced like there's no tomorrow ~ Maddie personified the term "cardio exercise", MJ defied the law of physic and gave an array of anatomically challenged "moonwalk" and that gravity defying move from Smooth Criminal. MJ made me threw Johnson & Johnson baby talcum powder on the floor and tried to "moonwalk". Maddie made bra into a chic fashion statement. Maddie turned "greed is good" into her personal business statement. MJ turned into a recluse, went whiter than The Joker, made plastic surgeons richer than oil tycoons. Both released so many albums cramped with hit pop singles that I could not afford to re-collect them (all cassettes had been worn to the core, CDs are still expensive, MP3 downloads lacked the "tangible" aspect like record sleeve and gimmicky CD casing). Both changes like chameleon. Maddie had the transvestites at the now defunct Boom Boom Room emulated to look like her and grooved to her "Vogue" era. MJ used to have an array of impersonators to dance in local competitions. Maddie had indirect successor in the dodgy Britney Spear, MJ had Ne Yo. Both made me tuned out after the early 90s.

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