Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Finally brought Esther, Chloe and Dylan back to Melaka last Friday after postponing it for the past 5 months. Well, it ain't easy to plan for a trip if there are kids...Esther's mom had been pestering me to bring them back. I should. Esther's dad also just came back from Laos...he hadn't seen Dylan yet. As usual, Esther's mom cooked some great food, especially the sambal, really appetizing. Also, took lots of Coke as usual. But it ain't easy on my skin. It happened that the Portuguese Settlement was throwing some Christmas celebration and this year, un-usually, the PM and CM were attending, thus resulting in several roads being closed and traffic jams. We didn't get out much, with all the tourists from everywhere pouring into the town, but I did get the opportunity to try the famous Semabok Roti John and Satay nearby the house. And the satay costs only MYR0.40 per stick! I need to pay at least MYR 0.70 in KL for a decent one! Chloe also gets re-aquinted with her cousin sister, Nicole, daugther of Paulene and Kah Yau, my sister in law. Nicole can be rather notoriously mischievious as well as kinda irritating with her squeeky mousy voice but she's a great kid...I think. Chloe cried as usual coz she couldn't remember anyone there but settled down on day 2. Dylan's doing great, smilling and goo goo ga ga with everybody. Overall, nice and enjoyable trip!

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