Sunday, 14 December 2008

Monkey Cups - re-potting and re-location.

Based on the advice from Peter D'Amato's The Savage Garden, decided to "get" all the ingredients for the soil. At first, almost all the terms sounded foreign to me and I had no idea where to get them. In fact when Esther and I were in Sungai Buloh's cluster of nurseries, I asked around but most did not have any idea what I was looking for. But thanks to a friend of Fauzi, whom I had met previously at his stall to get some Sphagnum Moss, he pointed me to Ace Hardware. Peat sphagnum moss, verticulite, perlite, orchid mix, liquid fertilizer for the 'cups from one of their branch at Summit USJ. Also went to a DIY store at Taipan for a racking system to display the plants...basically out of my budget, so I settled for a clothing rack instead. I also placed Esther's hygrengia amongst the rack and covered a 1 meter "green" netting over and easy on the top side. I basically started re-potting all the monkeys at about 8am and being green horn at stuffs like this, it was pretty much a guessing game. What is the mixing ratio? What does "one part of x and four parts of y" mean? Do I mix all of them or placed them layer by layer? Well, I guess I let the dice fall where it may roll and took my own chances. Can't be too cautious about this sort of thingy. So, I got my hands dirty and wet and the air was fresh and crisp 'cept when Leo left a pile of her au naturel waste nearby...I hope it all works!

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