Sunday, 7 December 2008

Monkey Cups...2 weeks later.

Okie...updates for me monkeys:
a) Sarah ~ the most amazing...literally sprouting new pitchers!
b) Venus ~ doin fine!
c) Elvis ~ not sprout but no sign of pitcher developing yet.
d) Vicky ~ 3 pitchers were gone. 2 turned brown, 1 got crushed by Leo as I re-positioned both Vicky and Becky beneath the Ikea side table again in week 2.
e) Becky ~ poor Becky, a new pitcher seen developing was lobbed off by Leo as she could reached Becky...
f) Raffy ~ average...pitchers browning, sun spotting on its leaves, but a new sprout's developing.
g) Larry ~ doin good...the yucky "larvae" were all gone, naturally, and there are signs of new pitchers on its way.
h) Hooky ~ doin great!

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