Monday, 1 December 2008

Monkey Cups...a week later.

Brief update...Venus is doing fine, with new sprouts and all but I am still keeping a tight watch over it. Sarah, well...after Esther asked me to "recollect" it back, I pruned off all the browned parts and cross my finger it will sprout new ones. Elvis is sprouting new leaf, and a lone pitcher can be seen developing. I abit concerned over Larry as the crickets I put into its pitchers seemed to attract flies and I could see larvaes "swimming" around! I hate larvaes of any insects! Impulsively, I nearly grab a scissor and lob off the pitchers! But, I am keeping cool and see whether it will go away eventually. Becky's pitchers seemed to be browning, not sure why but there is a new one coming. The same case with Raffy and Vicky. Hooky seemed to be doing the best, growing well and fine.

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