Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Where is the cave
Where the wise woman went
And tell me where
Where's all that money that I spent
I propose a toast to my self control
You see it crawling helpless on the floor
Someday there'll be a cure for pain
That's the day I throw my drugs away
~ Cure For Pain.

Let's take a trip together
Headlong into the irresistible orbit
Breathing the cold black space
With the glistening edges
~ Let's Take A Trip Together.

Candy asked me if she died if I could go on
Of course I said I couldn't
and of course we knew that's wrong
But Candy
I said Candy
no you can't do that to me
Because you love me way to much
for you to ever leave
Candy said she's made arrangements for me in the sand
And Candy said she wants me with her
down in Candyland
~ Candy Says.

Tore open a package it was an empty box
No meaning to me just an empty box
Sender was a woman
She said she's sending me everything that I never gave her before
She said fill it up and send it back
Fill it up and send it back
So I send her back an empty box
A big mistake sent back an empty box
Half in the shadows half in the husky moonlight
And half insane just a sound
~ Empty Box.

I know a way to swim all the way downtown
It's a lot like swimming the first time over your head
It gets easier when you move your arms and legs
And for air you lift your head
why don't we try it right now
~ Like Swimming.

Early to bed and early to rise
Makes a man or woman
miss out on the night life
I think it's worth it for you to stay awake
Maybe tomorrow
you'll be a little late
~ Early To Bed.

I absolutely loved Morphine and these two albums, Like Swimming and Cure For Pain, really captured all that smoky, late night, wee hour in the morning, just came out of a swingin bar onto the empty street lit up only by a couple of street lamps. Unfortunately the band was no more after Mark Sandman passed away in 1999. How do I describe these songs? Jazz? Indie? I don't know. All I know was that it created an atmosphere apt for a night owl like me. These songs are great for a lonely drive home along some rain drenched highways after a long night...

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