Sunday, 7 December 2008

Taipan pasar pagi...

With Esther and Chloe on the way to the Taipan pasar pagi...I looked like a living dead...had a late night and it was raining in the morning...the sun was up by the time we arrived...Chloe had a lolly btw. It had been decades since I last smelt the traditional aromas of a pasar...with hypermarkets around in abundant, with its fresh clean, air-conditioned, the first smell which hit me was the spices, followed by the meat stalls, fish stalls etc...when I was younger, I used to stay somewhere near Jelutong area in Penang Island. My late grandma would bring me to the wet market of Jelutong, which is still around last I checked...the aromas alway brought back old memories...this pasar pagi was smaller in scale and visitors...where's the dins/noise of chicken and fish mongers trying to outshout each other for more businesses?

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