Friday, 30 January 2009

CNY 09 pt.2

After Bidor, usually drive about an hour into the heartland of the Silverstate before reaching Teluk Intan proper, passing numerous kampungs, lined alongside both shoulders of the trunk roads with local tropical fruits like rambutans and durians. On certain time of each year, one could see DIY stalls sprouting up everywhere hawking rambutans and langsats. In full bloom, it could be quite a scenic route as the rambutans "adorned" the trees like red bulbs. Chloe did not feel well, and actually threw up quite a number of times. By the time we reached granpa's place, she actually felt better and back to her norm self.
Frankly, I usually do not enjoy spending CNY in granpa's place. It is hot, although the rain (not a usual occurance this time of the year) helps abit. The low ceiling, zinc roofing really pushed up the temperature by several hundreds and I always felt like being in some life size heater. Although mom and pop installed air-cons into our rooms, something about the place which always made me edgy and moody. Perhaps it is the boredom which will eventually creep in as well as the surroundings, I really don't know. Also, with the govt banning firecrackers in its upteenth year, it is one of the quietest CNY I had gone through.
We had dinner at this nice restaurant for a change where I wolfed down nearly a large steamed fish head all by myself, as well as some stir fry ginger frog legs (my fav, yummy). Chloe did tried some but not much, and I am getting worried occasionally. Dylan, well he has to wait for another year before he can enjoy all these.

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