Friday, 9 January 2009

The Dark Knight

I missed the theatrical run of The Dark Knight, the highly anticipated sequel to Batman Begins as Esther and myself were too busy, so courtesy of the local pirate, we finally managed to watch it, with the late Heath Ledger (1979 ~ 2008) as The Joker. He turned The Joker into an impressive watch, as crazy and sociopathic as he could be. Undoubtedly, The Joker and Heath Ledger is the main highlight of the movie in my personal opinion. The movie's storyline though, was quite abrupt, moving at fast pace, although at about 2 hours long, we found ourselves struggling to understand the plots occasionally. Aaron Eckhart's Two Face is ok...but the transformation, not physically, but emotionally and mentally is also worth watching. Now I wonder whether or when the 3rd one will come out...words around the campfire is that The Riddler and The Catwoman may make their appearances...

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