Monday, 19 January 2009

Pre-CNY re-union dinner at Melaka.

Went back to Melaka last weekend. All of us decided to have earlier than usual reunion CNY dinner from Esther's family since Kar Yau and Pauline are going off to Sibu for several weeks during CNY. Esther's mom can really whip up nice meal. I think I added on several pounds each time I go back. She also made some delicious char siew pau for breakfast. I think I ate about six...Will and Karen also went back, gave Chloe's some nice stickers as gift. Simple but nevertheless the most important thingie is the thought that counts. Went to Charles Cham's Orang Utan House to get this year of the Ox t-shirt. Also last year's Rat t-shirt but they ran out of M so I settled for L. In black. I very much prefer white but it's alright. But it also means that I could not wear it during CNY as intended. Pantang you know. As usual Jonker's Walk is filled with tourists and such but not as packed as during the Christmas weekend. Must bring camera back next trip. Nicole...well kinda changed in behaviour, more naughty than the last we met. She actually refused to share her toys with Chloe this time around as well as also retort back at all of us rudely. She speaks like an adult. Hhhmmm I am worried Chloe and Dylan would be like this too...hopefully not. Melaka is very windy this time of the year, due to the Bayu eh...I forgot, just say gotta do with the monsoon. Esther's Vios suffered the same problem as my ex-car City, ie the air cond fan gave we had to come back much later during the evening instead to Subang so that it would be much cooler.

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