Saturday, 3 January 2009

Robinson at Mid Valley.

Esther decided to go to Robinson as the sale was still on for cardmembers, to see if there were any good on sale clothings for CNY 09. I accompanied Chloe to the children's dept, where as usual, she played on the sliding ramp along with other kids. Later, I brought her to the toy's dept, where she occupied herself at the Lego's table. However, she still could not figure out on how to join all the Lego bricks together. Again, I still could not afford her a set of Lego, yet. Maybe next year. The place was packed to the brim with shoppers. We went to the food court for lunch as Esther thought it would be much cheaper. It didn't and the Korean foods we bought was just passable, although ran by a Korean man. We had to continuously keep up with Chloe's whims and fancies as she was really enjoying herself there and running about, on her own. On the way out, the entire roads surrounding Mid Valley had turned in a one giant car park, with cars all went bumper to bumper. Word to the wise, always go in the morning and leave after lunch.

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