Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Seven Great Singing Stars.

Happened to come across and bought a CD which only cost me MYR 9.90! Titled "Gloden Memories Of 1940 to 1950 Vol.1" (yes, it is spelt and printed that way on the sleeve, which should be Golden, but Gloden sounds good too, like some post modern irony ala cool Ah Pek style) at Speedy Video Store. It featured great Chinese songs from that era, majority from the "Seven Great Singing Stars (七大歌星), who are the seven most renowned singers of China in the early 20th century . Really nostalgic, I am glad to own a copy. In one way or another, I would had come across these songs, either through some black & white old Chinese or HK movies but most via Redifusion which my late grandma installed in her room. Even though I don't read or understand a single Chinese...There are 3 other volumes which I am tempted to get as well... the songstress include Bai Guang aka White Light (白光), Bai Hong aka White Rainbow (白虹), Gong Qiuxia (龔秋霞), Li Xianglan aka Yoshiko Otaka (大鷹淑子 ie 李香蘭), Wu Yingyin (吳鶯音), Yao Lee aka Silvery Voice (姚莉), Zhou Xuan aka Golden Voice (周璇). At one point or another, they also appear in several movies during that period. In particular, it is interesting to note that Bai Guang's tomb is located in this country in Semenyih. It is quite unique from what I heard, as it has a built in piano which plays her music. Whilst I absolutely have no idea about these songstress, I find that Zhou Xuan to tbe the most attractive, followed by Li Xianglan who somehow evoke this femme fatale look to me.

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