Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Chloe - Phobic about other kids.

Last Sunday, whilst Esther was busy browsing through the FJ Benjamin sales at Bangsar Shopping Village, I brought Chloe to the playground next to the it. Having paid MYR10 for one off entrance fee, Chloe was at first shy to even play on her own and clinged on to me tightly whilst looking at other kids who were really enjoying themselves. After a while, Esther joined us and managed to coaxed Chloe to play by herself but on quite a short notice as she was in one of those plastic tubes or tunnels, another kid showed up and Chloe was startled and begun to cry. I reckoned this was due to the bad experince back in Teluk Intan where a kid hit Chloe in the McD's playground. However, I am now more than resolved to ensure Chloe will overcome this sort of phobia by enrolling her to one of the local nursery when she's two years old next month so that she would be able to join other kids and no longer have any fear.

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