Sunday, 22 February 2009

Takara Kerberos Panzer Cop Saga ~ Midori Washio

A (mis) interpretation :
Name : Midori Eichel.
Age : 26 years old.
Rank : First Lieutanant/Platoon Leader - 3rd Assault Platoon "Berghund"; 2nd Company "Langhaar", Special Armored Brigade “Kerberos Panzerwafffen Stahlhunde"; Defense Division “Schutzabteilung”; Metropolitan Security Police Organization "Hauptstadtsicherheitspolizei”.
Armor Type : Kampfküriss Typ. IX No. 2 ver. Frau.
Std. Armaments : Maschinengewehr 34 machine gun; Mauser C96 sidearm; Steilhandgranate 24 hand grenade; Kampfmesser 42 bayonet.

I thought it would be nice to have a female version of Kerberos, afterall, the articulations and details are simply fantastic...wrong. Not to do with the QC from Takara, which is exemplary, but more gotta do with the fact that this is a second hand, non box fresh figure. First, one of the oxygen tubing was already broken, which resulted in me having to carefully glue it back...then, the front crotch protecting panel came off whilst assemblying it and I realised it was a botched job from the first owner. I had to glue it back as well...then, the leather strap on the C96 has withered, literally flaking off, so I gotta "borrow" the strap from VF-1S Valkyrie and replaced it. Finally, the right shoulder armour pad came off and I had to asked Siti the housemaid to sew it back on. Overall, after "rectifying" the above issues, I got no complain for this figure. Later, I addded the MG-34 and FG-42 got from eBay for decorative purpose, well, to make it more "terror" looking. Subsequently, this version took a "dive" from the shelf and broken, and I got myself another version in black color instead. As usual, I obtained a DID metal MP 40 and used it on her subsequently...the leather on the pants seem to have weathered as well...peeling off. Wonder if I could oil it with a mink oil and smoothen it? I think I am getting obsessive with the entire Takara Kerberos lineup...I re-imagine that the female version of the Kerberos would probably be lighter than their male counterpart standard armour, thus adding a "frau" adjective in addition to my shoddily translated German wordings.

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