Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP 05 ~ Megatron.

Name : Megatron.
Affiliation : Decepticon.
Function : Decepticons Leader.
Technical Specifications :
Strength = 9 of 10
Intelligence = 9 of 10
Speed = 4 of 10
Endurance = 9 of 10
Rank = 10 of 10
Courage = 7 of 10
Firepower = 10 of 10
Skill = 6 0f 10

"Peace Through Tyranny."

Megatron combines brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness and terror. Aches to return to Cybertron to conquest after destroying all Autobots on Earth. Plans to possess all Earth resources. Incredibly powerful and intelligent. Fires nuclear-charged fusion cannon. Can link up interdimensionally to a black hole and draw antimatter from it for use as a weapon. No known weakness.

Nine out of ten kids who grew up in the 80s would have known The Transformers. Shown over RTM (or TV3?) at 5pm, it was one of the classic cartoon series I would not miss. Looking back, it was kinda cheesy, with an equally cheesy storyline. But it is the cheesiness which endeared this series to millions of kids including me back then. This was the Ipoh years, where each time mom or dad bring me and my kid sister to the shopping malls (now defunct Super Kinta or Cresendo), I would spend my time at the toys section pouring over the Hasbro selections. Costing at between MYR20 to MYR 200, it was still expensive at that time (considering a bowl of curry noodle cost only 0.60 cents with 2 fish balls back then). Then, each Transformers would come with their own motto, and on the back of the box, there would be a tech spec, in form of a graph, of their abilities in rate of between 1 to 10. A red plastic sheet would be available for us to impose over the spec for a clearer visibility of the chart/graph. There would also be a sticker of the logo which is heat sensitive ie when rubbed, it would change color. Earlier still was the Diaclone range, and my very first Transformer was Grimlock which come with a miniature person of about an inch tall, and had a pair of actual magnets on its feet. The catalogue which came with it showed Grimlock battling some dinosaurs. The next one was the orange crane truck whose name slipped me (was it Hook?) and finally, Galvatron. All three were handed down to various younger cousins whom did not keep them anymore...thus, it is great for Takara to finally announced and issued the definitive version of Transformers with their Masterpiece line. About this Megatron model, it has me drooling when it was announced. However, unlike Optimus model, Meg seems to lack balance and articulation. The leg is also so...skinny. But I reckon the designers did their best as Meg is always top heavy. Luckily, unlike other eventual Masterpiece which shrunk in height, Meg stands about 12 inches, on par with Opie. Comes with Kremzeek the living energy imp, the energy mace, the laser sword and pistol used in The Transformers : The Movie (1986). Does not come with the barrel extension/silencer, and shoulder stock. This is also the first few which does not have the orange plug on the gun barrel due to safety concern.

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