Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Monkey Cups ~ Update.

The N. Ampullaria w Red on Green speckle seems to be on suspended animation, with the only lone large pitcher still existing when I got it from Fauzi. There are signs of 2 pitcher formation on the tips of the leaves but it seems to be forever that size and not developing/blooming...the same goes for the N. Rafflesiana...usually it should be not enough light and humidity but the N. Bicalcarata and N. x Hookeriana have been successfully developing a new pitcher each, although the N. Bicalcarata's new pitch is smallll....the N.Ampullaria w Light Red Peristome has came out with a new pitcher as well but man, it is tiny....I assume there is nothing wrong with the plants itself as the leaves are green and looks healthy with no sign of general infection. Could it be the substrate? I uses perlite, peat moss, lava rocks, verticullite, orchid mix and top up with long fibered spagnum...I recently learnt that perlite gave out floride in time...no good for Nepenthes...arrgh...observed Fauzi uses cuts of those green sponges mix with large quantity of coconut shavings...The lighting and humidity level is same across the plants, generally direct morning lights up till the mid afternoon when the shading becomes about 60% bright light and then in total shades from 4pm onwards... I can't comment about humidity...all I know is that it is been quite hot and sweaty these days although it rains in the late afternoon...I have decided to stop watering the plants with tap water too, at least for an interval of couple of days or if there is sign of dry out...still continuing misting though with tap water...could it be because of the water as the tap water generally is hard and causes builtup of minerals...hhmmm again need to observe further...I uses Orchid fertilizer 30-10-10 which is blue in color but very diluted on the foliar twice a day...this practise I stop as well...or maybe extent to twice a month instead...it encourages algae growth on the spagnum instead...I also stop using cockroach as feed...lesson learnt as it destroyed the N.Bicalcarata and N.Rafflesiana's previous pitchers due to overinfestation of bacteria, resulting in them breaking down and turned black within 48 hours...I hope it is not due to shock as well, as I tend to transfer the potting media once I get from Fauzi in the evening...as for the highlanders N. Lady Pauline and N.Rajah, well I expect them not to bloom generously, and possibly even stunted but I am hoping them not to die out and give up on me that's all :P

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