Sunday, 29 March 2009

N. Ampullaria Hot Lips

And the Hot Lips version, which is redder peristome than the light red one...although, I could do without the light red up would be Brunei Red and the reddest them of all (well...according to The Man Fauzi), William Red. Also on the lineup include a Hookeriana Harlequin version (!). I previewed the Tricolor version and kinda impressed. I wonder what is the difference between all these Ampullaria...Cantley Red seemed to have some greenish tint at the bottom of the pitcher, Harlequin has a different tone red speckle compare to the red on the pitcher and has red peristome, Brunei Red is all single tone, darker red, including the peristome whereas I have not actually see William Red but Fauzi said it is dark red with burgundy. So many versions!

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