Sunday, 22 March 2009

N. x Lady Pauline.

Got a new plant from Fauzi today called Nepenthes x Lady Pauline, a hybrid consists of N.maxima x N.talangensis, which turned out to be a highlander (!). Hopefully it will thrive accordingly. Fauzi also appeared in tonight's Majalah Tiga documentary. Whilst having a short conversation with him about the business aspect of this hobby, he said that it took him at least three years to yield some results. Many have exited from this business, and some organisations took at least several decades to thrive. Nevertheless he advised that patience is the most important aspect to succeed. He started from sratch and researched independently on his own most of the time. Right now, he is experimenting with seedlings which is the most difficult steps in the business as it is prone to factors difficult to control. He also shared his inspirations and hope that eventually, people will notice the fact that these wonderful plants are occuring naturally in this country.

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