Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Kite from Subang Parade.

Went to Toys R Us last Saturday to have a look at what gift Esther and I should get for Chloe's birthday. In our mind is a masak-masak set. After making sure we know the sort of price range to be expected, we decided to wait closer to her birthday before getting one. We saw some good ones like a kitchen set with all the accesories. Wanna make sure that the toys are suitable for her age too. One of the convenience of modern toys is that the manufacturer put the kids age category on the box itself. Helps me make the right choice..with a price of the tune of several hundred ringgits...but then again Esther keeps reminding me that if I could blow several thousands on some worthless jeans and collectable toys, several hundreds should not stop me from getting on what we think Chloe wants...okie. Esther then got a kite for Chloe whilst we ponder...problem is flying was more difficult than I thought...also the mosquitoes were attacking us (Subang should be renamed Mosquito Coast)...promised Esther to bring the kite back to Malacca on our next visit as the wind there is noticebly stronger...wayyy stronger than the way, aren't kite used to be least when I was about six or seven, when I was still staying at my late grandma's house in Batu Lanchang, people would make them out from couple of lidis and pink plastics...then double coat it in glue with glasses for a sky battle.

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