Monday, 6 April 2009

Chloe and Dylan ~ photos.

Brought the two precious to 1-Utama for a little outing last Saturday. Dylan is growing up quickly and very much take on some personalities from his sister, which is shouting and raising his voice all the time. We went to Fish and Co. for lunch but we suspected the taste went abit off tangent that day. The portions are also the back of the restaurant is a row of aquarium which is part of 1-Utama's tropical forest enclave. I bought some fish pallets and fed the fishes. Chloe joined in but she is still learning how to "throw" the pellets properly into the fish tanks. Also bought her a pair of Croc at Parade last Sunday with some "jibitz" which she thought are stickers. She insists Esther to take it off for her. I am biased against Croc slip on, not quality, of which is plenty and well built but the design which reminds me of Dutch clogs...

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