Friday, 3 April 2009

Chloe ~ toy helicopter.

Bought Chloe a RC miniature helicopter on my way out from Berjaya Times Square when I was there two days ago, her first encounter with any device with RC capability. She is both fasinated and scared by it. Sasa took the lead and immediate showed Chloe and Suetch on how to control the flight...she's an expert, even I could not balance it in the air for more than 2 minutes!
Later at night on 1st April 2009, we bought mom out for a small celebration of her 60th birthday. Happy birthday mom. Thanks for everything thus far. Gave her a small red packet for prosperity and good health...the actual uhmm grand celebration has been plan from this Sat...still cracking my head on what to get her...the food's not bad but neither is that great...nevermind, hopefully to make up for her by this weekend. Chloe and Suetch got both their hands dirtied by touching the signboard...fascinated with the illustrations.

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