Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Dark Knight Returns Limited Edition Hardcover.

After searching for this book since 1986, I finally obtained a copy from eBay online last January 2009. Honestly I am not too happy about the condition as it is definitely not near mint as claimed . Reckoned that due to the wear and tear, it may be somewhere between fine and good (if I am not mistaken about the "standard" comic traders/collectors use for grading). The dust jacket has fingerprint marks, worn and scuffs. There is also brown staining on the first few pages. The ex owner got it second hand way back then. I believe the original owner doesn't realise the value of this book! Nevertheless, I reckon the price I paid is still way below the market demand, even with all the above "defects". Also, I buy to keep, not for trade. With this version, my personal "classic" series of Bats late 80s comic/graphic novel releases are now complete. Here's a list of what I reckon to be the best of Bats by DC (not chronologically or preference).
a) The Killing Jokes.
b) Arkham Asylum : A Serious House On A Serious Earth.
c) Batman : Year One.
d) The Dark Knight Returns.

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