Friday, 10 April 2009

The Flathead Western Shirts and T-Shirts.

The Flathead Western Shirt (CW-44H) with "pearl" snap on buttons arrives today with the t-shirt (THC-52W "Kamikaze"). Ordered it via a proxy from 2nd, which, as usual threw in a couple of nice freebies for the purchase. Interesting how my denim obsession "influence" my choice of other wardrobe as well. Have been wanting a "Wrigley" green and great that TFH finally produce one within the CW-44H range. One thing I like about TFH shirt and t-shirt is that the sizing and fit are exactly what I look for, not too long nor too tight, which compliment my short and fat-ish stature nicely... Quality and authenticity are another important aspect and The Flathead does not disappoint. The tees are supposely weaved on a vintage loopwheeling machine. The loopwheel machine can only knit one yard of fabric per hour. It is slow and labour intensive as compared to today's modern machine. The attractiveness of this style of weaving process, apart from capturing the vintage "spirit", it would produce a weave with very little tension. Thus the fabric created is soft yet extremely durable. Esther remarked that I am on the verge of being "molded" into the 50s greaser wannabe look...thick black spec frame, cuffed jeans, boots, chain wallet, t-shirt and cowboy shirt etc..only the quiff is missing...well, I am "cultivating" that, sans the pomade/brylcreem of course...can't stand the smell..

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