Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Monkey Cups ~ In Bloom.

Hot, bright morning, afternoon and cool, crisp air with plenty of evening rains for the past one month...notice the pitchers are starting to develop. Previously thought that N.Ampullaria ver. green speckle and light red peristome have stuck in some permanent stasis. Not so, at least one leaf is starting to show promising sign of having a pitcher in coming weeks. N. x Lady Pauline has completed a new pitcher but interestingly, it is greenish, instead of the wonderful color which the existing lone pitcher has. Lack of sunlight? It is also much smaller. The same goes for N. Bicalcarata. The lone new pitcher is smaller than when I first bought it. The coloration is greener with just a tad of bronze shading. As for N. Rajah, well, I think I am gonna call it the world's smallest largest pitcher plant. The most promising is N. x Hookeriana, the new pitcher is hugh in proportion with the leaf and more are coming.

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