Saturday, 25 April 2009


Whilst awaiting for the arrival of Hot Toys Major Dutch Schaeffer and the original Predator version 12" figure to arrive, re watched this 1987 John McTiernan directed classic action thriller. Actually, I stumbled upon this movie by accident. I was looking for Die Hard, another McTiernan hit movie in VHS format during that time, when upon playback, it was showing Predator instead. Initially upset that the seller got the wrong content for me, I nevertheless decided to watch through the entire show, to my delight. Further more it features a leaner looking Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of macho spouting, mean looking special action force doing some covert jobs/rescue mission in a remote tropical jungle of South America. If I am not mistaken it is also the only movie which features two future state governors together (Jesse Ventura). They are picked off one by one as the trophies of an extraterrestrial hunter, known only as the Predator. It would skin the boys, and take the skulls, leaving the bodies dangling high up in the treetops. Just like a big game hunter. It is just that this time around, the game are the humans. The Predator moves around camouflage and remain indiscernible from the surroundings using a special light bending device/suit. The best part is it also shows the Predator POV in thermal image, as well as in infrared after it removes its bio helmet during the mano a mano showdown with Dutch. The Predator is originally acted by Jean-Claude Van Damme before being replaced by the late seven foot tall Kevin Peter Hall for a greater imposing physical presence. The movie spins off a sequel starring Danny Glover and Gary Busey, which implanted the idea of a eventual string of Alien vs Predator franchise and comic book series after a scene shows the trophy room of which one of the skulls is unmistakeably that of an Alien. Personally, I would like to keep these two classics tales as far apart as possible.

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