Thursday, 14 May 2009

Blooming Pitchers.

Well, previously I am kinda lost as to what does the N.Ampullaria ver green speckle pitcher is like and why is it called green speckle. Now, as the second pitcher has bloomed, I finally understand. The larger size helps and with enough sunlight, the color red eventually forms and cover the background, leaving only speckle of green. Lady Pauline also developed a second much bigger pitcher, with full coloration too. N.Ampullaria ver Red Peristome is still way far from what I deem should be red peristome coloration. It continue to develop small pitcher, completely green except for teeny weeny speck of reds and very very light red on the lips. Observed that these colors might disappear as the pitcher gets older! N. Hookeriana's third pitcher is huge but I do not know what happen to the lid...


caseyhoo said...

wauh... seems like you are a nepenthes xiao kaki!!!!


Fat Gecko said...

Nehh...still a novice and experimenting with the plants. Very much rely on tips from gurus at forum like Pet Pitchers and Fauzi.

caseyhoo said...

i know you. seen you few times in Subang Parade.

what is yours id in PetPitcher?

Fat Gecko said... first blog stalker ;P
Hey, maybe if you see me in person again at SP, let's go for a cuppa.
Nah, I did not register at PP but still going thru the tremendous volumes of infos contained in those archive threads.

caseyhoo said...

My friend have some nepenthes for sale with reasonable price. If interested, please contact me at .

Fat Gecko said...

Thanks Casey, will do.