Friday, 15 May 2009

Conan The Barbarian.

The movie which introduced me to The Governator of California. Directed by John Milius, this 1982 movie also starred James "Darth Vader voice" Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom, the film version's Conan antoganist, Mako Iwamatsu (December 10, 1933 – July 21, 2006) as a wizard who helped Conan and Max Von Sydow in a fleeting role as a King of Ophir. It is also memorable for its opening soundtrack, called Anvil Of Crom by the late Basil Poledouris (August 21, 1945 - November 8, 2006). And this is one of Esther's favourite movies from the 80s...make that mine as well.

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