Sunday, 3 May 2009

Zoo Negara.

Went to Zoo Negara with Chloe and Esther on Saturday morning. The place is already quite packed with crowds by the time we reached there at about 10am. It is also quite hot with me beginning to sweat profusely 10 minutes into the zoo. The place remains fairly unchange from the time when I first went there with Mom and that's nearly 25 years ago. It is the first for Chloe and she enjoyed viewing the speciments they have at the place, particularly giraffes and elephants. It is unfortunate that some species, like the lions, certain buffaloes and hippos are "hidden" from her view. The tigers are quite active though, swimming about in full view of the crowds. She is also fascinated with the giant tortoises, which is the same ones I saw when I was there with mom. Another area which we nearly missed going to (the place is quite large) is the Children's World. Luckily Esther pressed on and we managed to locate it. Chloe is impressed with the ponies but she absolutely refused to touch it. Overall, I personally felt that the government could do more with the Zoo, this being the national zoo and from what I had seen on the Nat Geo channel, other national zoos are waaaayyy more attractive. It is also time to upgrade the facilities and speciment selections.

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